BY Nick Walton on 21 Apr 2023

Hubbell Marine's YQ100PLUS Intelligent Y Adapter gives boat owners and crew access to 100A power systems, even in remote locations. 

Larger yachts with luxurious amenities are increasingly adopting 100A shore power systems to meet their greater electricity needs. But finding 100A service in some remote locations can still prove challenging. Hubbell Marine‘s YQ100PLUS Intelligent Y Adapter allows boaters to safely power a 100A, 125/250V vessel from two 50A, 125/250V dockside receptacles.

The new adapter gives cruisers the comfort to explore far and wide without fear of being unable to find sufficient shore power.

The YQ100PLUS features internal logic that senses when both input plugs are fully engaged with the correct phase, to protect against inadvertent miswiring of hot and neutral wires. Its intelligent circuitry further allows using the single “A” leg independently to access one 50A, 125/250V receptacle to obtain 50A power when dual pedestal receptacles aren’t available. Integrated indicator lights confirm correct polarity and safe operation.

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Built for long life and extreme durability, the Hubbell YQ100PLUS features a rugged, compact, lightweight enclosure that’s environmentally sealed against humidity, fog and rain. Robust protective grommets keep moisture out. This adapter is designed for use exclusively with an onboard, centre-tapped isolation transformer or shore power converter.

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