BY APB Staff on 25 Mar 2020

Campaign encourages yachts to offload excess supplies to help tackle Covid-19

Yachts In The Pacific Urged To Donate Medical Supplies 6

Yacht supplies company National Marine Pacific is encouraging yachts in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific to offload excess medical supplies for distribution to medics in urgent need. 

“If you’ve got excess nitrile gloves, protective masks or other medical supplies onboard and you don’t think you’ll need them in the coming months, the National Pacific team is able to help these reach medical professionals around the Pacific, who are anticipating they could run short,” says National Marine Pacific’s Mark Donaldson. 

The company is arranging direct pick-ups of excess supplies from yachts in the region.

Yachts In The Pacific Urged To Donate Medical Supplies

There has been a worrying uptick in Covid-19 cases across the Pacific Islands this week. The region recorded its first Covid 19-related death on Saturday, when a 68-year-old woman died in Guam. Papua New Guinea recorded its first case on March 20, and Aneityum island in Vanuatu is now under lockdown, after fears that passengers from infected cruise ship Voyager of the Seas could have interacted with locals during its overnight stop on March 11-12.

Many nations in the region have limited medical facilities and testing kits, and there is concern over how hospitals and infrastructure will cope under the strain of the virus if it takes hold. The region relies heavily on tourism and is already facing a severe economic downturn.

In the wake of New Zealand’s four-week shutdown, which starts today, Auckland-based National Marine Pacific has been designated an ‘essential service’ and will continue to operate. The company is also offering a pick-up and drop-off service for anyone in self-isolation in Auckland who needs medical supplies or groceries.

To get in touch with National Marine Pacific to arrange a pick-up, email