BY Nick Walton on 4 Mar 2024

Williams Jet Tenders has launched its first Dieseljet 565 and 625 models with Solas approval.

Williams Jet Tenders, a leading jet tender manufacturer, has launched the first of its DieselJet 565 and 625 models with SOLAS (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea) approval, marking a significant milestone for the brand. These models join the DieselJet 505 in becoming fully certified as SOLAS rescue tenders.

Williams Jet Tenders’ commitment to exceptional engineering and flexible design has allowed the customisation of its tenders to meet the stringent requirements for SOLAS approval. This means owners can now opt for a rescue tender that not only boasts a stunning appearance but also possesses all the capabilities necessary for SOLAS rescue boats.

Williams Jet Tenders has launched its first Dieseljet 5656 and 625 models with Solas approval.

The SOLAS approval further expands opportunities for yachts seeking a versatile luxury tender suitable for guest transportation, fast-paced water sports, and day-to-day operations. Powered by high-performance Yanmar engines, the Williams DieselJet range is already popular with superyacht owners and this approval allows owners with vessels over 500 GT to choose a Williams tender capable of fulfilling multiple roles, including rescue, transportation, and daily operations.

Adhering to SOLAS regulations involves rigorous testing and quality control measures throughout the tender’s construction. The tests include a 3m drop test, self-righting, as well as an endurance trial to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Williams Jet Tenders has launched its first Dieseljet 5656 and 625 models with Solas approval.

“We are immensely proud to announce the SOLAS approval of our DieselJet 565 and 625 which is a testament to our unwavering dedication to safety and innovation,” says Mathew Hornsby, Commercial Director at Williams Jet Tenders. “This achievement not only underscores the exceptional engineering behind our tenders but also positions Williams Jet Tenders at the forefront of the industry. With every tender in the DieselJet range now SOLAS certified, we offer yacht owners a unique blend of style and substance, ensuring peace of mind in rescue missions and daily operations. “

SOLAS, an acronym for Safety of Life at Sea, is an internationally recognized safety standard governing the construction, maintenance, and operation of seafaring vessels.

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