BY Ryan Swift on 15 Dec 2022

Ferretti brand Wally has revealed the design for its new wallywhy100, the latest in the wallywhy series

Wally has revealed the first details of the new model wallywhy100, the latest addition to the growing wallywhy range.

The exterior design and naval architecture were done by the Wally-Ferretti Group Engineering team, with Studio A. Vallicelli & C. doing the interior design. Wally says that the yacht offers the qualities of a 60 to 70-foot coupé yacht but with the extra volume offered by the wallywhy series.

“Whilst beautiful and sleek, traditional coupés do not offer the comfort and livability that today’s owners expect from their boats. In the same way, larger and more voluminous boats generally don’t offer speed or usage flexibility,” said Stefano de Vivo, Wally’s managing director and the COO for Ferretti Group. “The wallywhy100 will be a game changer in many different markets due to its compelling value proposition and infinite usage cases for a wide demographic.”

The closed cockpit is located far forward to provide more indoor-outdoor crossover space, while a large, 14sqm beach area is available. The beach area deploys hydraulically with side wings, and it can be used to launch tenders and toys up to 3.6m in length.

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Rather than divide the deck layout into different levels, the Wally team focused on a “one-level, stern-to-bow approach”. The main deck level can therefore be enclosed or fully open, allowing relaxed al-fresco dining.

“The wallywhy100 is a ‘jack of all trades’”, said Luca Bassani, Wally’s founder and chief designer. “It is a spectacular day or weekend boat for those who want to use it as a support vessel for their larger yacht, but at the same time, its ample cabins, generous crew quarter and relaxation areas, as well as garage and toy storage capacity, make it the perfect vacation home away from land.”

The full-beam master cabin is located aft. The cabin’s ensuite will be made from electrically regulated glass, so it can be fully transparent or opaque. Two more guest cabins are available.

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Unusually for a yacht this size, there is to be dedicated crew access from the main deck and from the lower deck, without having to cross into guest spaces.


The forward deck will have a lounge that can be transformed into an aperitivo area with an elevated table in the middle or into a sunlounge by lowering the table to seating height.

The new wallywhy100 will have twin D13 Volvo IPS engines for a cruising speed of 24 knots and a top speed of more than 27 knots with the upgraded IPS1350.