BY APB Staff on 1 Sep 2019

Based on Wajer 38, this newest member accommodates up to 12 and is built to be compatible with superyachts

Based on the successful Wajer 38, the Wajer 38L features proven technology and design principles and accommodates up to 12 passengers. Built to be easily lifted on and off large superyachts, it is the perfect tender for transporting guests to and from shore in comfort and style.

Wajer Introduces 38l 4
(Photo: Wajer)

Easy-access arrangements at the stern and sides make boarding the Wajer 38L exceptionally safe for passengers. The sliding roof opens on sunny days and closes when the weather is less than ideal. The interior is fully climate-controlled, with easily operated air-conditioning and heating. A spacious aft deck offers guests plenty of room to enjoy the ocean breeze while the skipper enjoys panoramic views from the fully equipped cockpit.

To reduce the Wajer 38L’s draught – and save precious real estate on the mothership – the tender has a smart propulsion installation of Hamilton waterjets and Volvo Penta engines. The jets are fitted at the stern of the Wajer 38L, reducing draught by half a metre. They include a Blue Arrow functionality, ensuring intuitive ease of operation and making it simple to manoeuvre the boat in every direction.

Wajer Introduces 38l 8
(Photo: Wajer)

Wajer has successfully deployed Volvo Penta engines on the Wajer 38 line for years and the four-cylinder D4 variety provide 260 hp each and some impressive power for the Wajer 38L. Twin Volvo Penta IPS 650 engines can also be fitted upon request.

While the new Wajer 38L has been custom-designed for superyachts, all Wajers are in fact suitable as tenders. The Wajer 38 has been used as a chase boat and tender by a number of clients who especially appreciate the high quality levels and renowned Wajer service. And the Wajer 55 was chosen as a finalist in the ‘Best Tender Design’ in this year’s Boat International Design & Innovation Awards.

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(Photo: Wajer)