BY APB Staff on 4 Jun 2020

Owners can avoid quarantine via special arrangement with private aviation firm

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Global safety regulations designed to stop the spread of Covid-19 have left many yacht owners and charterers concerned about how they will reach their vessels this summer.

Private aviation company VistaJet has stepped in to offer the new VistaJet-to-Yacht service in Malta, which transports fliers directly from their plane to their boat, bypassing the 14-day quarantine period that currently applies to overseas visitors. 

Malta, a popular yachting hub in the Mediterranean, has been singled out by the World Health Organisation as a role model for other countries in the fight against the virus, after implementing measures to “flatten the curve” and contain the situation successfully.

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VistaJet worked closely with officials in Malta to develop the new programme, which is currently unique in the world. As part of the “Safe Passage” agreement, travellers on the jet (including crew) are not allowed to stop on Maltese soil en route to the yacht, and may not leave the yacht while moored. The yacht’s journey must be declared in advance, and trips to Maltese islands are not permitted. 

To use the VistaJet-to-Yacht service, travellers must simply provide their passport and a health declaration for the flight, and supply their travel dates and times. VistaJet will arrange the flight into Malta, a private lounge upon arrival and direct transport from the airport to the marina. The company’s concierge will stock up the yacht in advance with preferred items, while a local agent will provide yacht handling and arrange the marina berth. 

Meanwhile, travellers looking to charter a yacht can arrange this through VistaJet’s local agent or a broker of their choice.

“With a number of restrictions still in place during this time of uncertainty, those who own a yacht or are planning to charter one may be concerned about how they will reach it,” says Ian Moore, Chief Commercial Officer of VistaJet. “There can be challenges with accessing their yachts and most importantly in travelling to them safely. Business jets are the safest mode of travel under the current circumstances. Our VistaJet-to-Yacht service is a unique offer to keep these customers moving, providing a seamless experience from air to sea.”