BY APB Staff on 19 Jun 2020

Misool Eco Resort celebrates life in and around the reefs

 Video Raja Ampat Biodiversity Thriving During Lockdown 5

Indonesia’s Raja Ampat archipelago is known as the “species factory” for the incredible marine biodiversity teeming in its waters. Local conservationists have reported crystal-clear visibility and thriving activity in and around the reefs, thanks to reduced human activity during the coronavirus lockdown.

Misool Eco Resort in southern Raja Ampat has recorded two episodes of mass coral spawning during lockdown, taking the total number of spawning events to three so far this year. Until now, spawning was seen only twice per year, around the November and April full moons.

Video Raja Ampat Biodiversity Thriving During Lockdown 3

Located on the site of a former shark finning camp, the Misool Eco Resort is surrounded by the 300,000-acre Misool Marine Reserve. To mark World Oceans Day earlier this month, Misool teamed up with ocean-focused creative agency Protect Blue to create a spellbinding video that captures the colourful array of underwater life in Raja Ampat, and urges us all to “#comebackslowly”.

Watch it below:

Video narrated by Bo Derek and filmed by Shawn Heinrichs