BY APB Staff on 6 Sep 2022

The yacht capsized on Friday, although it remains unclear how the 49-metre vessel ran aground

Superyacht 007 has sunk off the coast of Greece, according to the local coast guard. Footage has been circulating on social media throughout the weekend of the stricken yacht, which is lying on its side in shallow waters off Kolona Bay in Kythnos.

The 49-metre vessel ran aground on Friday evening and reportedly took on water before capsizing. Reports say 007 is currently semi-submerged and awaiting recovery around 15 metres off the coast. The coast guard says that five passengers were rescued, and there are no reported injuries. Search and rescue teams have installed a boom around the yacht to prevent pollution from spreading around the local environment.  

007 superyacht sinks

The yacht 007 capsized on Friday evening. Image: Cyclades24

In a statement, the Hellenic Coast Guard says: “In the evening hours of Friday, the Port Authority of Kythnos was informed by the Unified Center for Coordination of Search and Rescue LS-EL.AKT. that the yacht 007 of the flag of Great Britain has run aground in the sea area of Kolona Bay, Kythnos with five foreign passengers.

The E/P vessel DELTA II T. Saronicou 4760 rushed to the area with a member of the relevant Port Authority on board, where it located the above semi-submerged T/C, at a distance of approximately 15 meters from the western side of the sandy beach of Kolona Bay. The passengers, all in good health, transferred to the auxiliary boat and were then transferred to the port of Merichas in Kythnos.”

There are some conflicting reports about how the yacht ran aground in the first place. An analysis by eSysman suggests that the captain may have chosen to ground the vessel after it hit rocks, to prevent it from sinking under the water. Meanwhile, Greek outlet Cyclades24 suggests that the GPS failed, leading the boat to run aground in the shallows before breaching and taking on water. 

A towing company is now on the scene in Kythnos, and is establishing how to safely remove the superyacht from the scene. 

007 was launched as Amazon A by Turkish shipyard Aegean Yacht, in 2006. The vessel was originally 32m long but has been extended to 49m in a series of modifications, which included an extra deck and helipad. 

In August, superyacht M/Y Saga sank off the coast of northern Italy, after the crew reported the vessel taking on water at the stern.

Dramatic footage of the scene shared by the coast guard shows the 39.4-metre superyacht tilting heavily to starboard, as the waves crash against the decks. And, in June, a Custom Line Navetta 26 superyacht sank off the coast of Seferihisar, in western Turkey, after taking on water.