BY APB Staff on 7 Sep 2017

Mia danced into the spotlight at the MCY 96 world premiere. In Venice, pirouetting in front of a captive audience and reaffirming Monte Carlo yachts’ style and showmanship.

James Bond was the name on many people’s lips at the MCY 96 world premiere, as men in black tie and beautifully dressed women weaved across the Venetian Lagoon in wooden water taxis before disembarking in a discreet garage at an historic island church.

Venice Waltz 1 

Bond, a lover of beautiful backdrops, has visited Venice in three movies, with Sean Connery (From Russia with Love, 1963), Roger Moore (Moonraker, 1979) and Daniel Craig (Casino Royale, 2006) all cruising its iconic canals.

Venice Waltz 2

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