BY APB Staff on 21 Sep 2015

The third member of the MC family the Monte Carlo MC6 scales up the brand and offers a stylish alternative to the usual mainstream 60 footers without sacrificing practicality or usability.

IPHONE OR SAMSUNG, Mercedes or BMW, Rolex or Omega – these products are the standard bearers of the 21st Century, particularly among premium products. They tap deep into our tribal cortex and engender the kind of loyalty once reserved for football clubs and baseball teams. After all, to admit that the competition is better than ‘our’ brand is to admit being wrong – and none of us is ever wrong. 

Unmistakeably Interesting 

Big businesses understand and exploit this phenomenon ruthlessly. They know that if they can wrap their customer up in brand identity then they’ve got an easier sell than anyone else when its time to upgrade. If you’ve got an iPhone 5, then of course your next phone will be an iPhone 6.

Unmistakeably Interesting 2

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