BY APB Staff on 26 Apr 2022

The subs, which are depth rated to 200 metres, have a large elliptical acrylic pressure hull and nine revolving seats

Dutch submersible manufacturer U-Boat Worx has launched its new flagship nine-seater submersible, Nexus.

Founded in 2005,  the company delivers crewed submersibles for exploration, research, yachts and tourism applications. Since 2017, the company says it has sold more than 20 of its highly successful Cruise Subs to private operators, resorts, and cruiselines.

The new Nexus series comprises two models featuring a large elliptical acrylic pressure hull, designed with passenger comfort in mind. Seating up to eight passengers and one pilot, the Nexus subs are depth-rated to 200 meters. Thanks to lithium-ion battery technology and ten silent thrusters, the subs can operate for up to 18 hours and dive up to ten times a day.

The revolving seating arrangement, previously used in the company’s Cruise subs range, has been replicated in the Nexus meaning passengers can always face the best view, no matter which way the sub is moving. Top-mounted diving tanks ensure the view abeam on both sides is unrestricted.

New for the Nexus series is an ‘XXL’ entrance hatch – the largest ever incorporated on a submersible of this size, according to U-Boat Worx. This is designed to make the boarding process easier and more comfortable, and grants enough room for all occupants to stand on deck. 

The Nexus is optimised for ship-based launch and recovery, and can also be deployed from land and transported to dive sites.

In addition to the 9-person Nexus, a marginally smaller and lighter 7-person version is available.