BY Nick Walton on 30 May 2024

Boasting a sporty attitude and glamorous soul, Tommaso Spadolini will launch the Patrone 45’ this Autumn. 

A project developed by Tommaso Spadolini in response to the requests of two generations of the Moreno family, the shipyard’s owners, the 14-metre Patrone 45’ combines unquestionable marine assets with the unmistakable style of the Ligurian gozzo.

Scheduled to debut at the autumn boat shows, it’s hoped the Patrone 45’ will replicate the success of the Patrone 100, which two years ago marked the centenary of the Moreno family shipyard.

When designing the project of the new Patrone 45’, Tommaso Spadolini started from the concept of conviviality on board, which Gianarnaldo and Benedetta Moreno, the fifth generation of shipyard owners, were very keen on. The architect’s aim was to re-interpret the classic charm of the Ligurian gozzo in modern key. The result? A boat that is not affected by the short-lived trends of fashion and that can offer an absolute sense of space, inside and out, with a wide range of customisation options.

At the same time, great attention was also paid to ensure it is seaworthy: the hull, derived from the other models of the shipyard, is driven by a V-Drive transmission and a pair of Yanmar 440 hp turbodiesel engines.

Tommaso Spadolini Prepares for Patrone 45’ Launch

“The Patrone 45’ was born on the wave of the success of the Patrone 100 and the requests of many owners who wanted the same charm and elegance of that 10-metre boat on a larger scale,” says Spadolini. “For the Patrone 45’ (as for its predecessor), our goal was to create an open cruiser designed for people who want to live the whole day outdoors without sacrificing absolute comfort in the interiors. When designing the Patrone 45’, we listened to all the comments received on the Patrone 100, further enhancing the concepts of seaworthiness and habitability.”

“This vessel is also characterised by light and space, by constant visual contact with the sea, even below deck, thanks to the large windows that almost reach the apex of the bow,” adds the boat designer. “The T-top style element, which was an absolute novelty for the Patrone shipyard, was appreciated for its function and therefore used again to shade and provide shelter in much of the stern area.”

Tommaso Spadolini Prepares for Patrone 45’ Launch

Taking advantage of its size (14 m length with 4.40 m maximum beam), the large stern swim platform that leads to the cockpit is protected by the high topsides, with a dinette that can seat up to eight people, served by a well-equipped kitchenette. The bridge can be set up by the owner according to their taste, while two large walkways lead to the large sun deck measuring 2.50 by 2.50 meters.

“An interesting solution, expressly requested by Gianarnaldo Moreno, is the stern sofa that is hydraulically raised to facilitate access to the engine room for easier maintenance operations. This shrewd idea is the result of the experience of people who really sail and go to sea, as the whole Moreno family does,” says Spadolini. “Another aspect that deserves to be mentioned is the care in selecting sustainable materials for construction: the deck top is made of eco-tech, beautiful to look at but also easily manageable, while resins with low environmental impact have been used for the hull.”

Tommaso Spadolini Prepares for Patrone 45’ Launch

The same care was applied to the interiors, where the shipyard’s tradition of “customising” each boat onto the needs of its owner is clearly evident in the five possible layout solutions, with up to three cabins and, in any case, always with two bathrooms. “The only element that we wanted to be immovable is the owner’s cabin with its bathroom in the bow; everything else can be developed on the requests of the future owner, who can also decide whether to have a second covered galley or only the one in the cockpit,” specifies Spadolini.

“The new flagship is an allegory of happiness on board. Its large indoor and outdoor spaces exceed the limits of 14 metres to offer cosy and comfortable sharing areas for adults and children,” says Benedetta Moreno. “This is because joy is not a destination, but a journey to share with the people dearest to us.”

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