BY APB Staff on 15 May 2019

The maximum use of space is just one aspect of a very well-conceived design, in what might be the best Absolute Navetta yet.

To understand how Absolute packs so much volume into the boats within its Navetta range, one has to delve into the technique that the shipyard uses to build all of its boats. The key to this process is the ISS (Integrated Structural System), a huge jigsaw puzzle in which intricate panels of marine plywood slot together before being bonded to create the boat’s skeleton, upon which the wiring, piping, cabinetry and all other componentry are draped. This framework is then bonded to the hull and clamped down securely by the deck. It is an inherently rigid structure, allowing for an interior that is big on volume without being strewn with steps to negotiate. Absolute builds all of its boats this way but the smaller the craft is, the more noticeable are the towering headroom and huge doorways, the latter made all the more practical by the addition of sliding doors.

Ticking All Boxes Absolute Navetta 48 3

It’s not just the spaciousness that impresses but how this space is utilised, especially in the forward master. This is a spectacular cabin for a boat this size, full of light and sporting an angled island berth that sits upon a flat floor without any obstructions overhead. It’s a cabin so comfortable it contradicts the theory that modern master suites need to be in the middle of the boat. And unlike an amidships master cabin the hull windows won’t be aligned with those of your neighbour when in port.

Ticking All Boxes Absolute Navetta 48 4

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