BY APB Staff on 26 Jul 2015

Although designed to meet the needs of the owner and his family, her elegant looks, outstanding quality and easy functionality of the Admiral Sail Silent 76 Gigreca are sure to please many others.

IT’S SAFE TO SAY that you’ve never seen a shipyard like The Italian Sea Group’s in Marina di Carrara, Italy. The entrance hall looks like a cross between a verychic boutique hotel and an ultra-hip art gallery. A Zen calm enhanced by soft music and room scent reigns over polished marbles, a dazzling chandelier, a wall of concave/convex mirrors and sculptures by top artists such as Novello Finotti, Harry Marinsky and Ester Maria Negretti. The only hint that there are yachts in the works here is the bevy of awards displayed discreetly near the reception desk. 

The Wow Effect

“We like our owners to experience all of the best of what’s Made in Italy – from food, to art, to fashion,” says Federica Lo Franco from the Group’s marketing department. “And we want to make each build special. We welcome our owners, provide for them and take care of them.”

The Wow Effect 1

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