BY APB Staff on 17 Feb 2021

The group also includes Whitehaven Motor Yachts, as well as the range of Integrity Motor Yachts

Aquila Catamarans have chosen The Whitehaven Group to be the distributor of their power catamaran range in Australia and New Zealand.

Founded a decade ago by entrepreneur Bruce Scott and passionate boat-builder Ryan Hanson, Whitehaven Group specialises in custom motor yacht design, production, marketing and sales. The group also includes Whitehaven Motor Yachts, as well as the range of Integrity Motor Yachts, which are the market leader in the full-displacement trawler-style vessels.

“Aquila and Whitehaven hold similar philosophies, practices and commitments to clients,” explains Lee Randall, business development manager for The Whitehaven Group. “Aquila has been bold with its designs and innovative with its production techniques which have propelled the Aquila brand to its market-leading position in the fastest growing marine sub-sector, power catamarans. There was no better partner for The Whitehaven Group and no better reason to work with Aquila.”

Aquila’s range of power catamarans extends from 32 feet to the flagship Luxury 70. The A54 (at just over 54 feet) is the latest to be released and will be closely followed by the A70. The sales success of the A54 has been impressive, with 20 units sold globally before its official release. The A54 will be debuted by The Whitehaven Group at the 2021 Sydney International Boat Show. 

“With the inclusion of Aquila in the group, we now represent close to 30 models of boat across the three brands. It gives us an extraordinary ability to select the right boat for our clients, continue to develop our strong design and production systems, and grow a community of avid boat owners with a shared love of the sea,” added Randall. 


The group will now turn their attention to raising the profile of Aquila within their established community of boat owners and the wider market before beginning preparation for the Australian and New Zealand boat show season, which is tentatively moving forward.

New Zealand’s biggest boat show, the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show, is slated for May 13-16. The newly formatted Sydney Festival of Boating and Brisbane Boat Show are set for July 29- August 1 and August 20-22, respectively, while the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show is on track to take place from May 20-23. The Melbourne Boat Show will be held from July 17-20 and the Perth Boat Show will take place September 17-19.