BY APB Staff on 26 Nov 2015

Sit back and relax on a voyage around Komodo with the owner of a 65m ketch that's described as the most luxurious Indonesian Phinisi ever produced.

A GREAT CURVED TIMBER HULL lies almost hidden among the forests at the foot of a volcano. The stern is deep among the coconut palms but, from where I stand on the scaffolding, the bow sweeps out towards the sea in a graceful curve. Deep down beside the keel two carpenters are working. They are so far away that I don’t even notice them at first.

The Greatest Phinisi Ever Built 1

(Photos: Mark Everleigh)

They’re part of a Konjo community (the master-carpenters of Sulawesi) who established a tiny boat-building hamlet on the shore at Sangeang volcano, off the north shore of Sumbawa. When Sangeang erupted last year – blasting a cloud of ash and pumice so far into the stratosphere that planes were diverted from as far away as Australia – the Konjo had already anticipated the signs. Long before the rest of the world knew anything was going on, they had evacuated the island.

The Greatest Phinisi Ever Built

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