BY APB Staff on 9 Mar 2021

The Thai government hopes that new initiative will generate revenues of US$58m

Thailand has introduced a new yacht quarantine option for tourists in Phuket this week. It’s hoped that the scheme, which follows from a pilot launched in November, will help the island to restart its hard-hit economy.

Phuket, which relies heavily on nautical tourism, has been closed to visitors since 2020 and has lost revenue worth 320 billion baht (US$10.41m) since the pandemic began.

Up to 100 yachts are due to take place in the scheme. Tourists must wear a smart device that tracks their location and health indicators such as blood pressure, heart rate and temperature. The wrist-worn device can transmit its signals up to 10km from shore.


Visitors, upon completing a 14-day quarantine period and presenting a negative Covid-19 test, will be allowed to moor at Phuket and enter the island. The location of individual yachts will be monitored by the Royal Thai Navy.

The Thai government hopes that this new initiative will generate revenues of 1.8 billion baht (US$58m).

In January, Thailand relaxed entry restrictions for visitors with the introduction of a special “STV” visa, which allows visitors to stay for at least 90 days.