BY APB Staff on 23 May 2019

The 12m Greek sport cruiser RIB will reveal its elegant and contemporary design this summer

Production has started on the first models of the brand-new Explorer 40 from Technohull. The 12m sport cruiser will combine the thrilling rides for which the Greek company is known with comfort and seakeeping, that also make it ideal for family enjoyment. This is all wrapped up in an elegant, contemporary design that will turn heads. Expect to see the first Explorer 40 to make splashes this summer.

The heart of the all-new model is Technohull’s patented Dynastream hull, which underwent five years in development by a dedicated in-house team of naval architects. The design employs five distinct steps in the hull to channel in air and provide lift and unprecedented stability at all speeds. Variable stepped hulls are not new, but the hyper-ventilated Dynastream is 10-15 per cent more efficient than its previous hull shape, which was already a class-leader.

Technohull Explorer 40 Combines Thrills With Seakeeping 1
(Image: Technohull)

Through a rigorous process of CFD simulation, scale and full-sized tank testing, and the expertise of Davidson Stephens Laboratory in the United States, Technohull has gained an unprecedented understanding of this technology. It is part of what allows the hull to plane at just 14mph.

What’s more, the super deep-V hull form gives the Explorer 40 true offshore capabilities. It deflects spray in even a heavy seaway and makes light of tough conditions. It has always been Technohull’s goal to deliver safety and ease of handling at any speed. That’s why the Explorer 40 makes a perfect cruising platform for families.

Technohull Explorer 40 Combines Thrills With Seakeeping
(Image: Technohull)

Ultimate power

Technohull is known for its very high-performance RIBs, so naturally the Explorer 40 is an athlete at heart. Preliminary modelling suggests that the boat will be capable of 70mph-plus, courtesy of a range of inboard and outboard propulsion options.

The boat will be introduced to the market with twin 350hp outboards.The top spec with inboards is 880hp, using two of Volvo’s new V6-440 hydraulic drives.

Technohull Explorer 40 Combines Thrills With Seakeeping 8
(Image: Technohull)

Room for comfort

But don’t be fooled by the 70mph top speed. The Explorer 40 is every inch a cruiser.Technohull has made great efforts to ensure that the RIB is an ideal passage maker for families or groups of up to 10. Her seakindly hull guarantees a dry, smooth ride, and it is so efficient that the Explorer 40 enjoys a range of 250nm-plus from the 750-litre fuel tank.

Technohull has also worked hard to introduce spacious decks with distinct areas for different moments of the day. At the bow is a large sunpad and a deep, comfy seat, making this the best spot on board to relax in the sun. The modern, functional driving console amidships is well-protected and offers two sports seats for the driver and a guest. Choose from further seating aft or a single, vastsunbed. Other options include a hard top for ultimate protection or a soft bimini.

Technohull Explorer 40 Combines Thrills With Seakeeping 7 
(Image: Technohull)

Almost unprecedented for a RIB of this size, Technohull’s designers have created room below the centre console for a day head and a double bed. Thisc arefully arranged accommodation offers real comfort for day cruising and longer passages. Refreshment comes as standard, with a wet bar, fridge and espresso machine, as well as a top-quality Fusion Apollo entertainment system with JL speakers.

Ultimate flexibility

As with any Technohull model, most client wishes can be accommodated. Change the deck layout, specify your choice of hull colour or upholstery, or style the boat to match the mothership. The Explorer 40 would make an ideal chaseboat for a superyacht. Not only can it follow you through all conditions with ease, but the full tube fender makes docking a stress-free experience.

It all adds up to hugely versatile sport cruiser with huge appeal across the boating spectrum. Its stability, speed and comfort will speak for themselves.