BY APB Staff on 14 May 2019

The first hull will have the company's signature expansive open decks, and relaxed elegant interiors evocative of a home or hotel, designed by the renowned designer

Mazu Yachts is excited to share details of the Mazu 82 and its designs from the renowned designer Tanju Özelgin. The designer’s input is indicative of the customisability of Mazu Yachts and was key to the sale of Hull No. 1 to a Turkish owner. This latest introduction is the largest yacht yet from Mazu, coming on the heels of its successful introductions of 38-, 42- and 52-foot yachts.

Mazu Yachts are all designed by the yard’s founder Halit Yukay, who, through his vast experience at sea, understands what is most important to boaters. The Mazu 82 combines a clean profile with expansive decks – hallmarks of the Mazu line. Tanju Özelgin brings a special sensibility to create a unique feel in the spaces within the yacht.

Tanju Zelgin Reveals Unique Interiors Of Mazu 82 1
(Photo: Mazu Yachts)

This Turkish designer and founder of tO Studio and Parlak Kirmizi has worked for the last 20 years creating interiors and objects suffused with meaning by combining form and material. This is the first time Mazu has used a dedicated interior designer to optimize the yacht’s onboard spaces, yet also create a vibe that’s understated and elegant.

While yachts may present interior designers with a variety of challenges, Özelgin took on the challenge in his own way. “Designing interiors for yachts is actually not that much different from designing any other space,” he says. “The main challenge of designing yacht interiors is that the space mostly never stands still and is constantly surrounded by water. This aspect will direct your decisions of which materials to use, the weight and scale of every piece of furniture, and whether or not the furniture is anchored to the decks or otherwise built in: safety also plays a very important role in these decisions.”

Tanju Zelgin Reveals Unique Interiors Of Mazu 82 5
(Photo: Mazu Yachts)

Such factors rarely have an impact on the design of homes and hotels, yet Özelgin approached them with a similar creative method to his myriad other projects. The resulting ambience is at once relaxing and elegant, a soothing combination of warm light and inviting textures that enhances time spent on board.

Where many yacht interiors constantly remind owner and guests that they are spending time at sea, this design seeks to optimise the experience by freeing the occupants from that trope. “The limited amount of space has to be considered as well in every design element,” Özelgin says. “The space has to be as compact and light as possible without losing the illusion of feeling at home or in a nice hotel. This was one of our key aspects during the design phase of the yacht: to create a space which won’t let you feel as on a yacht but more as if you were in your own house with all the familiarity and comfort which comes with it.” 

Tanju Zelgin Reveals Unique Interiors Of Mazu 82 9
(Photo: Mazu Yachts)

In this design, the presence of the sea and the movement it imparts to the boat carry that vibe throughout the onboard experience. And this design shows everyone who looks at it, that, in each space, there’s room for much more than that.

More details will be announced by Mazu Yachts and Tanju Özelgin on the design as her launch date nears this summer.

Tanju Zelgin Reveals Unique Interiors Of Mazu 82 10
(Photo: Mazu Yachts)