BY APB Staff on 11 Jun 2020

The yard is now working at full speed

Johnson Yachts, one of Taiwan’s best-known yacht builders, celebrated its 30th anniversary last year. Although 2020 has proven challenging, the yard has announced three yacht projects in build or ready to be delivered.

Taiwans Johnson Yachts Building New Flagship 115 1
The new Johnson Yachts 115 Flagship

A Johnson 80 is ready for shipping to the US, while two more yachts, a 70 and a 115, are in build.

A statement by Johnson Yachts pointed to Taiwan’s success at dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak, with just 441 cases overall. This has allowed Taiwanese shipyards to get up to normal production quickly. The yard is doing daily checks on employees’ temperature and everyone is wearing facemasks while at work.

“Currently we are trying to maintain our production line, as Taiwan was not influenced so much by the coronavirus,” says Leah Huang, marketing director for Johnson Yachts. “However, our main market is the United States, one of the most affected area.” 

Taiwans Johnson Yachts Building New Flagship 115 3

Huang adds that Johnson is using the current situation to invest in new technology and employee training. Like many yacht builders, Johnson Yachts has started virtual tours, particularly for the new flagship 115.

In the statement, Johnson Yachts said that the build schedule will not have any issues, and that it anticipates a surge in superyacht demand once the situation worldwide has calmed. 

“I’m sure that when the Covid-19 situation begins to slow down, people will be more than motivated to go out boating after many months of isolation, therefore, the demand should increase,” Huang says.