BY Anna Cummins on 22 Jun 2023

The Superyacht Foodie Experience brings a Michelin Star restaurant directly onboard your superyacht

Superyacht Foodie Experience Plate

Sourcing rare and unusual ingredients is nothing new when it comes to superyacht dining. But a new partnership between speciality produce provider Superyacht Foodie and luxury yachting firm Fraser Yachts is set to bring a new dimension to haute cuisine at sea.

The new ‘Superyacht Foodie Experience’ is a ‘pop-up’ Michelin restaurant concept, billed as a ‘new, full sensory, haute cuisine, Nordic dining experience’. The Superyacht Foodie team curates the experience with lighting, smells, sounds, textures, tablescaping and service in addition to world-class food served on board the yacht.

The Superyacht Foodie Experience was originally born from a conversation with a superyacht captain who had privatised a Michelin-star restaurant for his charter guests, only for them to decide they didn’t want to have to go ashore.

Superyacht Foodie Experience

Founder of Superyacht Foodie, Titta Uoti-Väisänen explains: “We’ve been working on this concept following several conversations with busy charter yachts and considering the feedback from the next generation of owners and guests who are asking, ‘what else can we do?’

“By day three or four of the charter, guests and especially regular charterers, can feel they’ve done most things, they’ve been ashore, they dine in spectacular restaurants all the time, they’ve spent the day enjoying the ocean and just don’t want to dress up and go ashore again. Having the Superyacht Foodie Experience booked mid-charter gives them something they have never experienced to look forward to.”

The annoucement comes hot on the heels of the news that renowned 3-star restaurant Noma is closing its doors and has taken the decision to focus instead on an e-commerce platform and the occasional pop-up restaurant, meaning the landscape for ‘pop-up Michelin cuisine’ is more relevant than ever.

A yachts’ chefs and crew can choose to take the night off during the Superyacht Foodie pop-up Michelin star onboard experience, or be part of the event. Superyacht owners and charter guests not only get a completely new gastronomic offer during their charter, they also get the opportunity to meet and talk with the Michelin star chefs during after-dinner drinks.

Superyacht Foodie Experience

Mark Duncan, director of marketing and business development at Fraser Yachts adds: “We love fresh, new ideas at Fraser Yachts. We were proud to support the Superyacht Foodie Experience with their launch onboard M/Y Curiosity during the recent MYBA Charter Show in Barcelona, which was a great success, in no small part due to Titta’s extensive experience in luxury yachting and her understanding of what our clients really look for.

“Well done to Titta, Michelin star chef Kim Mikkola and all the SYF team. We wish you every success and look forward to presenting this unique pop-up experience to our charter clients around the world.”

Anais Jaber, charter manager of MY Curiosity who attended the inaugural Superyacht Foodie Experience along with with the owner’s family says: “This is a truly custom-made, one-of-a-kind experience that fits our standards and clientele perfectly. It has potential for further development in our industry.”

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