BY APB Staff on 13 Apr 2022

Marco Casali considers his NFTs 'a tool to help people experience yachting in the metaverse'

Superyacht designer Marco Casali has released a second batch of NFT digital artwork through ‘digital yacht broker’ Cloud Yachts. 

Marco Casali is the founder of Too-Design, an architecture and yacht design studio based in Rome. He’s worked with brands such as Ferretti Group, Nyx Catamarans, and ZL RIB, and on larger custom projects for shipyards such as Benetti, ISA Yachts, and Fincantieri. 

The limited-edition yacht designs, called the Freedom Collection, are being sold as NFTs for 0.05 Ethereum each. The sale began on April 8, 2022. 

This is Casali’s second NFT drop with Cloud Yachts. The Freedom Collection consists of 500 NFTs, which all have the same basic yacht design replicated against differing backgrounds. 

NFTs have been called ‘the fad that is here to stay’ by Forbes. An NFT (non-fungible token) is a digital asset that represents a real-world object. What started as a way to buy and sell digital artwork has snowballed into cars, houses and even superyachts. These items are frequently sold in cryptocurrency and are often encoded in the same way, using blockchain technology.

 “I consider designing yacht NFTs as a tool to help people experience yachting in the metaverse. The concept for this design combines owning a yacht with other passions such as fishing or spending time with family. To me, this is freedom. It’s a special feeling that we aim to provide to the owner of these NFTs,” says Casali.

Last month, Cloud Yachts sold an NFT yacht for US$12m. The sale is believed to be the first NFT yacht sale transaction on the Ethereum blockchain, and the sale comes with a real Tactical 110 superyacht
Owning a Freedom Collection NFT also ‘introduces an owner to the world of yachting through special benefits and perks’, says Cloud Yachts.
“There are a lot of things we can do with these NFTs beyond selling art. By owning a Freedom Collection NFT, the user is introduced to the world of yachting with invitations to superyacht parties, complimentary boat show tickets and much more. It’s an introduction to our industry and the possibilities surrounding it,” says Casali. “For instance, the owner of a Freedom Collection NFT can develop a 3D model to use this yacht in the metaverse. This boat is also listed for sale and can be built as a new construction project in real life.”