BY APB Staff on 5 Aug 2020

Approximately 20,000 plastic bottles are bought per second around the world. Under 10% of these are recycled and turned into new bottles, with an estimated 1,500 plastic bottles ending up as waste in landfills or reaching the ocean every second. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation estimates that, by 2050, there will be more plastic by weight than fish in our seas, severely damaging marine organisms and environments.

With plastic waste in the oceans continuing to be a major concern, British luxury motor yacht builder Sunseeker’s addition of onboard water filter systems for all its new boats is very much welcome, decreasing the need for single-use water bottles on yachts.

All Sunseeker models now offer Wave water filter systems

The newly introduced filter systems allow for clean, fresh water to be accessed on board. These filters from Wave International will either be a standard on the newest Sunseeker models, or offered as an option on smaller Sunseeker boats. Filters can also be retrofitted.

Sunseeker collaborated with Wave’s UK distributor, Halyard (M&I) Limited, to build and place the filters in its models. Most Sunseeker models will be equipped with the Flostream HiFlo10 Drinking Water Filters for galleys and webars, as well as the standard Flostream for icemakers. With the exception of superyachts, all Sunseeker boats will feature the Wavestream system, which has two bilge filter systems.

Jon Robins, engineering design manager at Sunseeker, provides an elaboration of the filtration system: “We fit the Flostream filters for the water coming onto our yachts for drinking, ice or food preparation. Bilge water is also filtered prior to being pumped overboard with the Wavestream filter fitted before the bilge outlet. These easy-to-install, cartridge filter systems ensure that all traces of dirt, oil, contaminants or chemicals are removed before any water is pumped overboard; a really important step in ensuring we minimise the boat’s environmental impact”.

“The Wave system of filters are compact and easy to install. Cartridges only need changing every 12 months or so, depending on use, but using them will protect the environment forever,” says David Johnson, sales director at Halyard (M&I) Limited.