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Mike Horn is best known for his expeditions to remote and extreme environments worldwide.


Pangaea. All images: Sunreef/Mike Horn’s team

Sunreef Yachts CEO Francis Lapp has joined Mike Horn — a South African-born adventurer, explorer, and motivational speaker — aboard the Pangaea sailing yacht during an ongoing expedition in Greenland.

Sunreef brand ambassador Horn is best known for his numerous expeditions to remote and extreme environments worldwide. In 2008, Horn embarked on an expedition aboard Pangaea, a custom-built vessel designed specifically for scientific research and exploration.

After its circumnavigation project, Pangaea needed a refit. This was when Horn and his team entrusted the task to Sunreef Yachts. All the renovations that were carried out were aimed at making Pangaea safer and more comfortable.

Sunreef ambassador Mike Horn’s “What’s Left” expedition, supported by Sunreef Yachts, explores remote locations aboard the refitted Pangaea vessel. Horn spearheads the mission, evaluating global environmental changes with a primary focus on climate change. The expedition’s goal is to raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire individuals worldwide to pursue their exploration aspirations.

Mike Horn

Mike Horn

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“I decided to participate in this remarkable expedition with the dual purpose of being a part of the extraordinary exploration in Greenland and personally assessing the current state of the planet,” says Lapp. “This experience has served as a profound motivation for me to continue to act for a sustainable future within the yachting industry.”

Recently overhauled by Sunreef Yachts to address the wear from past adventures and equipped to face upcoming challenges, Pangaea serves as the home base for “What’s Left.” Named after the ancient supercontinent, Pangaea is a global gathering spot and a mobile platform for research, adventure, and meaningful experiences.

Mike Horn

During the refit, the Sunreef team focused on optimisting the living space onboard and providing a more comfortable navigation experience for Pangaea’s passengers. The refit included the addition of two double cabins to Pangaea’s layout. The cabins were custom-designed and equipped with voluminous storage.

One of the major challenges of the refit was to reduce the generator and engine noise levels on board. To achieve this, the engine room was given a new soundproofing with airtight seals isolating it from the living areas.

In addition to soundproofing, the refit also included improvements to the yacht’s climate control system. All ceilings were changed to materials resisting extreme humidity and cold conditions, and the dashboard trim was completely renovated.


To reduce energy consumption, new LED lights were installed throughout the yacht. Overall, the refit of the Pangaea yacht was aimed at providing a more luxurious and comfortable experience for passengers while also improving the yacht’s performance and energy efficiency.

Horn’s “What’s Left” expedition aims to return to selected destinations after 50 years to assess the impact of environmental changes in these areas.

The journey began with a trip to the Arctic, and will now followed by visits to the Amazon, Patagonia, Antarctica, New Zealand, Australia, and Asia. Exploring North Siberia and Alaska will allow the team to complete comprehensive global research.


Through this expedition, Horn and his team hope to gain a better understanding of the changes that have occurred in these remote areas over the past half-century and raise awareness of the importance of preserving these natural spaces for future generations.

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