BY APB Staff on 2 Jun 2021

The new Grande Trideck from Azimut features an abundance of outdoor deck space that serves any purpose, while keeping a relaxed vibe inside

trideck external view

Azimut Yachts has released the latest in its Grande series of larger yachts, the Grande Trideck, the yard’s new 38-metre flagship. It is the largest boat ever built by Azimut, the world’s largest production yacht builder. The company also describes the yacht as a “new symbol” of the brand’s DNA.

It is a measure of both the booming yacht market of 2020-21 and the attractiveness of the new Trideck that five more are currently in build for owners, following the launch of the first. In a presentation showcasing the new yacht, Azimut CEO Marco Valle said there was already a 23-month wait time for a new Trideck. Given the work that has gone into this new flagship, it is not surprising that a queue has already formed.

The exterior lines were penned by celebrated designer and frequent Azimut collaborator Alberto Mancini. Borrowing from the world of auto design, the external lines of the Trideck do an interesting visual trick. From a distance, the Trideck almost seems to look smaller than its actual size. But placed within those sleek, dynamic looks are some very cool engineering and layout tricks that make this yacht a compelling option.

With its new flagship, Azimut is clearly setting its sights on a younger clientele that is less concerned about formality and intricate design. One of the key aims was to create a series of interconnected relaxation areas that work in different settings.

With its new flagship, Azimut is clearly setting its sights on a younger clientele that is less concerned about formality and intricate design

Trideck Upperdeck Lounge Dining Version 2

Upper deck lounge, dining version

In addition to the three main decks, there is an additional aft deck that creates the visual effect of a “cascade of terraces” down from the sundeck to the sea. This extra aft deck – the plus 1 of Azimut’s marketing and referred to as the sea view terrace – is positioned just up a few stairs from the main deck, but still just below the bridge aft deck. This special, 30-square-metre terrace is a contained little world that seems to float about two metres above the water surface.

Trideck Sea View Terrace 4

In addition to the three main decks, there is the additional aft deck known as the sea view terrace

One can easily imagine spending many nights at anchor in this fantastic little spot. The sea view terrace has a large, C-shaped sofa facing towards the stern, making the most of the view.

The sea view terrace is up a few steps from the aft deck dining area, which means that area becomes more private and sheltered from view. This comes in handy when guests prefer more privacy, even when moored stern-to or anchored in a busier location.

Trideck Beach Area 3

The beach club area offers over 30 square metres of space

At the transom, owner and guests have a large beach club area to enjoy, at over 30 square metres with the transom down. Thanks to the raised sea view terrace, there is two metres of headroom, while the openings in the rear bulwarks create a sense of space. Sitting on the lounges at the aft beach club feels more open. Smaller toys are contained in a locker just behind the lounges, while to port there is a day head. There is also wet bar service at the beach club in case anyone gets thirsty.

The upper aft deck is considered to be the main outdoor dining area, which is normally placed on the main aft deck. This shows the degree of informality built into the new Trideck.

Trideck Main Salon 2

The main salon

The sun deck has a lounge area and a large bar with a huge barbecue, making this a fantastic place to enjoy sundowners well into the night.

The exterior spaces aft are beautifully complemented by the expansive forward bow area. Here, a jacuzzi awaits amid large settees and sunpads. A nice touch is the built-in drinks holders that are fitted into the settees, so one has a cold beverage at the ready at all times.

Trideck Fore Lounge Area 2

Fore lounge area complete with jacuzzi

One thing that really lights up this yacht is the interior, designed by Achille Salvagni. It continues the design direction of Azimut’s interiors to something less formal and much more inviting. The curves and smooth surfaces of the furniture and fixtures almost are almost a visual reminder of the avant-garde look of the 1970s, told in a contemporary design language.

More than shapes or colours, the interior is also simplified and aims at a more natural flow. The lounges are bigger and brighter, lit up by enormous windows, and elegance replaces formality.

Trideck Main Salon 7

The main salon has a natural flow

The main deck has been opened up completely, with the main dining area moved to the upper deck, letting the largest interior space be used exclusively for lounging, entertainment or large gatherings.

The easy-going charm of the interior belies the attention to detail. The marble top of the storage unit integrated into the sofa of the main deck lounge incorporates a wireless charger. The wooden floor is laid in a herringbone pattern with brass inserts. On the first unit, special tablets control all the onboard utilities.

Trideck Owner Suite 1

Full-beam owner’s suite on the main deck

Forward on the main deck is the full-beam owner’s suite. The main material is tay wood, which is contrasted with polished mahogany. The floor is made of textured Cardoso stone. The bathroom has been reimagined as a private wellness area, centred around the large freestanding tub, which doubles as a rich design element.

On the lower deck, there are four ensuite guest cabins: two VIPs aft and two guest cabins forward. Buyers can opt to have a VIP cabin located on the bridge deck or use that space for a captain’s cabin.

Trideck Owner Suite 6

The R&D Department of the Azimut-Benetti Group developed a second-generation D2P (Displacement to Planing) hull for the Trideck, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. The designers reduced total weight by six tonnes by using carbon fibre in the construction of the superstructure.

Azimut says that the new Trideck consumes fuel at the same rate as the Grande 35 Metri, which features the first generation D2P hull. The Trideck, which is 35 tonnes heavier, does this at all speeds above 19 knots and is 15% more efficient at her cruising speed of 15 knots.Trideck External View 7Azimut says its new D2P hull is based on three things: a double chine that gives stability at displacement speeds while reducing drag at higher speeds; a wave-piercing bow that boosts efficiency while reducing pitching; and a central skeg that maintains course stability, especially in aft quartering seas.

The Trideck features an advanced power management system by SeaEnergy, which allows the automatic optimisation of onboard electricity consumption through a perfect balance of shore power and the generators (or only between generators when at sea), depending on the energy needs of utilities.

Trideck Upperdeck Lounge 1

Upper deck lounge

Buyers can opt for a ‘hotel mode’ function, which uses a lithium battery pack of about 130kWh to operate the onboard utilities with generators off for up to four hours in the day and eight hours at night.

The Trideck has a dual-motor option, with a pair of MTUs of 2,400 or 2,600 hp each. The first model tested has engines of 2,600 hp, and it recorded a top speed of 24 knots, a range of 700 miles at 19 knots and, at a cruising speed of 12 knots, a range of over 1,700 miles.

Azimut Grande Trideck – technical specifications

LOA: 38.2m
Beam: 8m
Draught at full load: 2m
Displacement at full load: 190t
Engines: 2 x 2,400 mHP MTU (2x 2,600 mHP MTU)
Max Speed: 24 kts on 2,600 mHP engines
Cruise speed: 21kts
Range at 12 kts: 1,700nm (based on first trial)
Fuel capacity: 22,600l
Water capacity: 4,000l
Guests: 10
Crew: 6
Hull: GRP and carbon fibre