BY APB Staff on 2 Mar 2021

The sky's the limit for the MCY 70 Skylounge range, which has an enclosed flybridge that is set to impress. The first model in Asia has been sold to a Hong Kong owner after its recent premiere

Anticipating customer demand is what it’s all about in the motor yacht industry, and the MCY 70 Skylounge – which debuted at the Miami Boat Show in early 2020 – is destined for great things in Asia where the covered flybridge tops the list of customisations.

An entertainment space, a view and, most important of all, protection from the sun is what is making flybridge modifications such a hit in Hong Kong where Skylounge made its debut in January through Asia Yachting.

The yacht was sold to a first-time MCY owner, based in Hong Kong, shortly after its debut.

“The sale marked a strong beginning to the new year for the Monte Carlo Yacht brand in Asia, following a very successful 2020,” says Olivier Besson, CEO of Asia Yachting.

“The owner was particularly impressed with the Italian design and appreciated the superlative comfort onboard all year round onboard the MCY 70 Skylounge, especially the enclosed flybridge. We are confident that the new MCY collection is able to match the desires of freedom and well-being of Asian buyers.”

Acoustic considerations have been at the forefront of the build, ensuring a quiet ride

A natural evolution of its popular MCY 70 – which at 70 feet is just edging towards superyacht status – the Skylounge makes important use of a flybridge that is designed to be enjoyed in any season. It’s the first time an Italian-designed yacht of this type, where tastes dictate a more open feel, has made a feature of an enclosed flybridge.

The watchword of this Nuvolari Lenard creation – who took charge of both interior and exterior – is natural light and a horizon that can be seen from the comfort of the spacious interior and the aft sunbathing exterior thanks to the natural connection between the two spaces.

As you’d expect from the Venice-based designer, the design makes good use of geometric patterns, linear structures, and lacquered woods to give the Skylounge a contemporary feel that never alienates; giving the yacht a home-away-from-home vibe. Its most iconic feature are the circular portholes that flood the interior with light.

The round hull window is a classic MCY hallmark

The exterior spaces offer some lively choices, particularly at the bow where up to 10 guests can either relax on sunpads or dine at the electrically adjustable teak tables. If the sun gets too intense, there’s the addition of a removable shading element to cover the front cockpit.

The bow area is connected by sweeping sideways to the protected aft which offers mirror fashion plates for increased privacy and protection from the environment. “We were inspired by the idea of creating a yacht for all seasons,” say Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard.

Nuvolari Lenard’s styling features natural light and muted tones

“The new MCY 70 Skylounge was designed with all the possible comforts to be a home-away-from-home enjoyable throughout the year, and one that offers the owner a peaceful place to be shared with family and friends, a place for those that enjoy cruising and are looking to escape for unique and exclusive moments.”

The Skylounge has a contemporary feel that never alienates, giving the yacht a home-away-from-home vibe

The yacht offers comfortable accommodation for up to eight guests with an impressive owner cabin characterised by glass staircase access for a higher degree of privacy, a spacious VIP cabin and two comfortable guest cabins that are typical of the elegant lines of Monte Carlo Yachts.

The alternating use of ivory metallic and charcoal grey-lacquered wood panels together with glass surfaces, white glossy marble and reflective details provide an elegant and contemporary ambience that is further enhanced by the warmth of the durmast oak flooring. There are walnut vertical panels and soft textiles that give the feeling of comfort throughout the vessel.

On the technical side, the Skylounge is a Category A – Ocean vessel which covers largely self-sufficient boats designed for extended voyages with winds of over Beaufort Force 8 (over 40 knots), and significant wave heights above 13 feet, but excluding abnormal conditions.

Its MAN V8 engines deliver 1300 horsepower to achieve a maximum speed of 26 knots with a cruising speed of 22 knots. Its 4,000 litre tanks also ensure impressive range.

Sustainability is now key with many yachts of this class and MCY has made much of new processes that ensure that its vessels are environmentally friendly, in particular extensive use of kevlar and carbon fibre.

The MAN V8 engines deliver a top speed of 26 knots

Light core materials and aluminium structures are chosen to replace the elements in fibreglass composite, thus offering solutions that are lighter overall, have less environmental impact and are recyclable. The entire MCY range is made entirely by infusion – a process in which a vacuum draws resin into a dry fibre laminate in a one-sided mould.

Skylounge is likely to be popular in an Asia-Pacific market seeking a Made-in-Italy style combined with practical considerations

The hull, deck, superstructure, flybridge, carbon fibre T-top and all the structural bulkheads are made by infusion which the shipyard describes as “an extraordinary achievement”. The result is a drastic reduction in the levels of emissions in the air and in the work environment. The choice also translates to a net containment of the boat’s weight to the order of 10% compared with the market.

In terms of build, acoustic considerations have been at the forefront, ensuring a quiet ride. Ceilings and floors are constructed with a light aluminium grid suspended between two structural bulkheads. Soft mounting solutions are applied to limit the transmission of vibrations and noise toward the interior rooms, providing excellent comfort and reliability standards.


Overall, the MCY Skylounge is likely to be popular in an Asia-Pacific market where the practical considerations of protection from the elements combined with the demand for Made in Italy style and elegance are coming together in an increasingly discerning market.

Technical Specifications: MCY 70 Skylounge

LOA: 21.08m
Beam max: 5.45m
Draft: 1.85m
Displacement 45T Dry – 53T Full
Engines: 2 X Man V8 (1,300 Hp)
Max speed: Up to 26 knots
Cruise speed: 22 Knots
Fuel: Up to 4,000 litres
Fresh water: 800l
Naval architecture & engineering: Monte Carlo Yachts
Exterior & interior design: Nuvolari Lenard