BY APB Staff on 15 May 2019

Prestige has justifiably dominated the mid-range motor cruiser segment for years, and the 460 is a good example of why.

The allure of flybridge cruisers are three levels of living space, but achieving this discreetly, without a towering and ungainly superstructure requires finesse. This is why French builder Jeanneau turned to the experienced Garroni father-and-son duo in Italy who continue to pen their entire range. As three decades have passed, Prestige aesthetics have smoothed while retaining the signature curved windows to soften the tall hulls; inside, much has changed from earlier models such as the popular P500. The pod drive revolution allows these boats to be handled easily – thanks to the latest assisted docking system – by parents who may have kids running about the large aft cockpit; it’s so straightforward, the kids could probably park it themselves. Moving with the times is another reason for Prestige’s success in an increasingly competitive global market. Another family-friendly upgrade now offered on the 2019 Prestige 460 is a third cabin, which, alongside the optional crew berth at the transom, is ideal for those outings with strapping teenagers.

Smart On A Few Levels Prestige 460 1.

Dockside in Cannes in April, the 460 was near its larger sibling, the Prestige 590 which allowed me to compare these boats; and the differences were obvious. The Prestige range has 13 boats with both sport and flybridge versions, sized from 40 to 75 feet (12.2 to 23 metres). As product manager Erik Stromberg explained while we gazed at the 460: “We feel that it’s important to continue with the 40-foot entry-level boats which feed into our larger cruisers”. The 460 is the next up from the entry 420 and both these cruisers retain the compactness that contrasts with the vastness of the Prestige 590; which for most would be a crewed boat.

Smart On A Few Levels Prestige 460.

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