BY APB Staff on 28 Mar 2019

The Dutch luxury yacht designer introduces lightness and modern tones to the practical and flexible layout by Tomasso Spadolini

Among the eagerly awaited yachts making their debut at Boot Düsseldorf in January, the updated Sirena 64 with a restyled interior by renowned Dutch designer Cor D Rover was up there at the top of the list.

The Sirena 64 was designed by two of the leading designers on the international scene: Frers Naval Architecture & Engineering for the naval architecture and exterior design, and Tommaso Spadolini Design for interior design and layout. With 14 units produced and sold to date, the upgraded interior decor offers clients something refreshingly contemporary yet tastefully classic.

Sirena 64s Interior Design Updated By Cor D Rover 2
(Photo: Sirena Yachts)

“We’re currently working with Sirena on the new Sirena 88, along with German Frers for the exterior styling,” says Cor D Rover. “They were very happy with what we were doing and asked us to breathe new life into the interior of the Sirena 64 by making it warmer and more

The practical yet flexible layout by Tommaso Spadolini remains unchanged (although Cor D Rover is also working on a re-arrangement of the main deck that will be released in the future), but the Dutch designer’s revamped interior introduces lighter and more modern tones and textures to the joinery, soft furnishings and detailing.

Sirena 64s Interior Design Updated By Cor D Rover
(Photo: Sirena Yachts)

The principle wood is American black walnut, which has been quarter-cut or arranged in a herringbone pattern to create visual interest. Wool-silk carpeting in neutral tones complements the walnut and dark brown leather venetian blinds with raised stitching in the main salon. Door
handles and other details are of polished stainless steel.

In the owner’s suite, the day sofas and bed are raised on taupe leather plinths and the bedhead is of padded white leather, while creamy marble is used for the wet surfaces in the bathroom and shower stalls. The natural colour palette is punctuated with vibrant colour accents for the scatter
cushions and bed covers.

Sirena 64s Interior Design Updated By Cor D Rover 1
(Photo: Sirena Yachts)

“Roomy and refreshing, light and luminous, have always been key concepts for the Sirena 64,” says Cor D. Rover. “The combination of these new materials adds sophistication and really brings the spacious interior of the current flagship model to life.”