BY APB Staff on 13 Sep 2022

The Espen Øino-designed superyacht is the second in the builder's Silver World Explorer range

Project Globalfast Silver Yachts

Silver Yachts’ Project Globalfast emerges from the shed

Silver Yachts has launched its newest superyacht, Project Globalfast, from its facilities on the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong Province.

The 85.3m vessel is the second yacht from the builder’s all-aluminium Silver World Explorer range. Silver Yachts is working with leading naval architect and superyacht designer Espen Øino as a ‘strategic partner’ on the Silver World Explorer series.

The Explorer series has a top speed of 23 knots and a cruising speed of 17 knots.


Exteriors by Espen Øino

The monochromatic exterior was designed by Øino, who also designed Bold — the first yacht in the Silver World Explorer series, which launched in 2019. The layout and the interior on Project Globalfast are both styled to suit the client’s preferences.

Like its sistership Bold, Project Globalfast has a 24/7 commercial helipad, hangar and refuelling facilities, as well as a large multifunctional aft deck with an 8-tonne crane.

Project Globalfast is scheduled to be handed over to its new owner on 28 October 2022.


Globalfast heads to the water for its launch

Back in June, Silver Yachts launched the first hull in its Silvercat series of catamarans. The 36-metre Spacecat is making its world debut in Thailand this year.