BY APB Staff on 20 Apr 2022

The parallel hybrid system offers three modes: electric, hybrid and conventional power

Silent-Yachts, the Austria-based builder of solar-powered catamarans, has revealed details of its new 24-metre, full-aluminium hybrid catamaran, designed in collaboration with VisionF Yachts.

In comparison to the Silent 80, the builder says the new Silent VisionF 82 is slightly longer but less beamy and more space has been dedicated to the foredeck, which has a sunken lounge area. There is a 54-sqm main salon and outdoor dining table on the aft deck.

“The Silent VisionF 82, is a fantastic yacht that will combine the best of both worlds and we are very excited about the first boat due to be finished later this year,” says Silent-Yachts founder and CEO Michael Köhler. “The aim of our collaboration with VisionF Yachts is to share our expertise and know-how in order to support other manufacturers. Tesla did something similar by opening up its patents and making the technology available to everyone. Similarly, we are very keen to share information about our propulsion systems to help guide the yachting industry towards a more sustainable future.”

An aluminium construction grants improved flexibility in the catamaran’s layout. Various accommodation options in the two hulls are available, but the standard arrangement offers a large master suite of nearly 18 sqm, as well as three ensuite guest cabins, one of which can double as an office space.

The extended flybridge is fitted with a large solar array, like other Silent yachts, to provide electrical energy that can be stored in a Lithium-ion battery bank (160 kWh) to power all the household appliances on board. As a result, guests will be able to enjoy a noiseless experience without compromise when anchoring in a bay or docked in a marina with zero emissions.

The new addition Silent VisionF 82 will be equipped with a parallel hybrid drivetrain while a fully electric version is also available. The parallel hybrid system will offer three different driving modes: electric, hybrid and power as a normal option you may find on a hybrid car.

In hybrid mode, the system will automatically select the electric motor, the diesel engine or both, depending on factors such as speed and battery state. In power mode, both the diesel engine and electric motor will be engaged to boost acceleration and speed.

For clients who are not yet ready to go full electric, the system provides a compromise: sustainable, electric power at low speeds or at anchor, but faster transits under conventional power – ideal for those wanting to make short trips during a long weekend.