BY APB Staff on 16 Dec 2020

The private retreat will include 16 waterfront villas and eight custom Silent catamarans

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Silent Yachts, Austria-based builder of solar-powered catamarans, has revealed it is partnering with Silent Resorts to build a solar-powered island retreat in The Bahamas.

Construction of the first Silent Resort is set to begin in 2021. The private tropical hideaway in Eleuthera will include 16 waterfront villas and eight custom solar-powered Silent catamarans, along with a beachside clubhouse, resort-style pool, restaurant, bar, fitness room, game room, and a spa.

“Silent Resorts is a true innovator in the luxury experience market,” says Michael Köhler, founder and CEO of Silent Yachts. “With Silent Resorts, we are creating the world’s first 100% solar-powered, luxury adventure destination where land and sea are integrated.

Silent Resorts’ exclusive relationship with Silent Yachts and its integration of the world’s first fully solar yachts with pre-engineered, modular, low-impact, land-based infrastructure, allows owner/members to enjoy the planet’s most pristine and undiscovered destinations in a sustainable, environmentally sensitive manner.”

The resort is operating on a membership basis, whereby members/owners have full access to 4-bedroom villas and 4-cabin suite yachts for 5 weeks or more per year. Memberships are for a lifetime, but can be gifted or sold.

Our philosophy is to employ the natural environment as chief design director and work for her,” adds Victor Barrett, head of Silent Resorts. “The location in the Bahamas is the first of others we are considering, including Belize, Panama, French Polynesia, Maldives, Indonesia, and more, in the world’s most beautiful archipelagos and yachting destinations. With the infinite cruising range of the luxurious, solar-powered, transoceanic Silent Yachts, no location is too far! All members will have access to all our global locations.”


Eleuthera, where the resort will be built

The initiative is urging the first 25 member sign-ups through a series of special incentives, including investment returns and an introductory price of US$395,000.

“Our partners managing our inaugural yacht, a very special Silent 55 named Silent Voyager, will be making a historic solar-powered world cruise starting in the spring of 2021 in Italy, crossing the Atlantic to reach the Bahamas during the year, and then she plans to continue its circumnavigation in 2022 while exploring our stunning new locations,” says Barrett.

Silent Yachts has been building boats for over a decade, and produced the first fully solar-sustainable oceangoing catamarans in the world. In February 2018, the Silent 64 cruised the North Atlantic in 16 days, with no sun for over a week.

During the last three years, the company has delivered more than a dozen solar-powered catamarans. Its current range includes the Silent 55, Silent 60, Silent 80 and 80 Tri-Deck, all ranging from 17 to 24 metres in length.