BY Nick Walton on 29 Mar 2023

HP Watermakers has launched Sea0spot, a single unit designed to treat sea and marina water.

Sea0spot is a new device that combines in a single system the functions of a watermaker with the functions of MWT Basic, the softening and nanofiltration system introduced last year for transforming port water into fresh water on board.

The system can be applied to all watermakers and can be retrofitted into existing systems. Following the successful launch of HP Watermakers’ MWT Basic (Marina Water Treatment), which drew attention to a problem faced by moored yachts that have to use water supplied at the quayside, Sea0spot takes the innovation to the next level.

In port or out at sea, water is essential for a number of yacht maintenance and cleaning operations, so its availability, like its quality, is an absolute necessity. Recognising an issue that is exacerbated by increasingly frequent periods of drought, which have forced many municipalities to supply ports with water that is not crystal-clear, and which is often drawn from secondary wells, MWT Basic turns marina water into fresh water on board.

However, space on board, especially on medium-sized yachts, is limited, so it was the success of the MWT Basic that triggered the next demand: to have the two machines, watermaker and purifier, in one unit, giving birth to Sea0spot.

HP Watermakers has launched Sea0spot, a single unit designed to treat sea and marina water.

“It is called Sea0spot,” explains Gianni Zucco, CEO of HP Watermakers. “It is an evolution of our HP SCA series of compact watermakers. Like all our machines, this device already had two inlets, one for seawater and the second for the freshwater needed to rinse the membranes after each work cycle, an operation that our watermakers perform automatically. Now we have added a third inlet, dedicated to port waters that require a softening treatment.”

“The operation is very simple because a dedicated button can be used to switch from desalination to the marina water treatment function when the system is on standby, all thanks to a solenoid valve that opens the quay water arrival line (which may differ from port to port),” says Zucco. “The water is treated through the same seawater membranes used for desalination, obviously at a much lower pressure that is automatically adjusted when the ‘0 SPOT’ programme is started.”

The system brings the TDS (the water’s degree of mineralisation) and the total hardness to very low levels, to protect all freshwater-using systems from limescale incrustations, and to produce water with which to wash the deck and hull without leaving limescale halos.

Zucco points out that while developed on existing and widely proven technologies. Sea0spot is a totally new product and is innovative and unique in the nautical market.

HP Watermakers has launched Sea0spot, a single unit designed to treat sea and marina water.

As its size is identical to a watermaker of any HP series, retrofitting is simple; the addition of a solenoid valve and software with some increased functions avoids the need to revise engine room designs, an advantage in terms of weight and spatial footprint.

Established in 1995, HP Watermakers manufactures a wide range of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic watermakers that can produce from 35 up to 10,000 l/h of desalinated water using all standard AC/DC voltages.

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