BY APB Staff on 7 Mar 2019

The shipyard, partner of Art Basel, will exhibit Piero Lissoni's installation in homage to artist Alixe Fu in the Collectors Lounge (Mar 29-31)

Sanlorenzo, represented in Asia by Simpson Marine, continues its collaboration with Art Basel, the leading art fair for Modern and contemporary art. From March 29th to 31st, the shipyard, which is among the leading producers of yachts and superyachts in the world, will take part in Art Basel in Hong Kong 2019.

Sanlorenzo will to present to the show’s attendees its creative approach and its affinity with the world of art which is able to offer visitors unexpected points of view on the world of yachting.

Sanlorenzo To Present At Art Basel Hong Kong 
(Photo: Art Basel – Piero Lissoni’s installation in homage to Alixe Fu)

The bond between Sanlorenzo and art finds its roots in the innovative vision of Massimo Perotti, Chairman of the company, who has courageously led Sanlorenzo, as a pioneer in its sector, to experiment new and unexpected connections.

On the occasion of Art Basel in Hong Kong 2019, Sanlorenzo will present, within the Collectors Lounge, the new installation designed by art director Piero Lissoni in homage to the Taiwan-born Chinese artist Alixe Fu, in collaboration with the Amanda Wei Gallery, located in Hong Kong.

Sanlorenzo To Present At Art Basel Hong Kong 5
(Photo: Alixe Fu)

This space that has been interpreted according to the elegant and minimal style of the art director, shows as only protagonists the artwork “God of Wealth” by Alixe Fu and the Sanlorenzo superyachts models displayed like pieces of art in glass display cases. It is a setting that welcomes visitors, projecting them into a dimension that seems suspended in time and that invites them to read and discover the significances of the artwork and the silent dialogues and connections being established between Sanlorenzo and the world of art.

Alixe Fu’s work reflects on the concept of “self-archeology”, extended out of the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan’s (1901-1981) concept of a “mirror stage”. In particular, in God of Wealth the multi-level deduction of the work forms a multi-perspective view, reflects the level of subconscious self in mental space, and converges moving time dimensions that allows the whole picture to come to us. The outline is ablated with light and shadow with the intention to depict humanistic atmospheres.

Sanlorenzo To Present At Art Basel Hong Kong 3
(Photo: Alixe Fu’s artwork)

God of Wealth originated from Chinese folk customs. The God of Wealth is worshiped on the fifth day of the first month of the lunar calendar, also referred to as the day of the God of Wealth of the five roads. The five roads indicate five directions: east, west, south, north, and middle, which implies that various interpersonal relationships come from these directions, or, in other words, a year of good luck.

As the artist says: “Faith is a fertile soil of the inner garden in which grows all the wealth of life!”

Sanlorenzo To Present At Art Basel Hong Kong 1
(Photo: Sanlorenzo – Piero Lissoni)

Piero Lissoni’s installation once again demonstrates the relationship between Sanlorenzo and art and the ability of artistic language to tell the story of the company from new perspectives.

The apex of the experience, craftsmanship, and innovation of Sanlorenzo are represented here by the superyacht models that are on display: each model is the result of a totally transversal and innovative project in which the concept of the boat, forged from metal like a work of art, goes hand in hand with the design of the interiors, a personalized creation tailor-made in every detail to achieve the desired effect each time. It is a project in which care and elegance of details meet living comfort and optimization of the spaces and in which a strong sense of coherence and union emerges thanks to scrupulous attention to the illumination, furnishings, accessories, and materials, as part of an overall direction. This approach is focused on the highest quality and is aimed at a sophisticated, passionate, and expert clientele that loves the sea.

The participation in Art Basel is part of a coherent journey that has seen the company collaborate, over the years, with important Galleries and cultural institutions such as the Triennale di Milano during the 2017 and 2018 FuoriSalone presenting the “Sanlorenzo: Il mare a Milano” (“Sanlorenzo: the sea in Milan”) and “Il mare a Milano: Yachtville” (“The sea in Milan: Yachtville”) installations and with Tornabuoni Arte with which it organized, in collaboration with Art Basel Miami Beach in 2016 and the 57th Art Biennale in Venezia, exhibitions on board its own yachts dedicated to the Italian Monochrome and to Alighiero Boetti.

On the other hand, from the collaboration with Art Basel which started in 2018, the two Sanlorenzo installations signed by Piero Lissoni were born, the first presented at Art Basel in Basel 2018 as an homage to Emilio Isgrò and the other on the occasion of Art Basel in Miami Beach 2018 as a tribute to Italian artist Alberto Biasi.

Founded in 1958, Sanlorenzo shipyard has created high-quality motoryachts for 60 years, resulting from the combination of artisanship, inspired design and advanced technologies.

Thanks to the leadership of Massimo Perotti, Chairman and CEO of the company, the shipyard has grown tremendously, bringing its sales volume from 40 million in 2005 to 300 million in 2017, while preserving its tendency to customise products. Over a span of 60 years Sanlorenzo has built over 900 yachts, each one different from each other, as they all reflect owners’ specific desires.

Today the company boasts four production sites in Italy: La Spezia, which was recently acquired and focuses on creating Superyachts; Ameglia, the first plant dedicated to the production of medium to large yachts; Viareggio, focusing on the creation of fibreglass yachts exceeding 100 feet; finally, Massa, the latest centre dedicated to the study and development of new models.