BY APB Staff on 5 Jun 2019

The Italian shipyard combines nautical excellence with artistic expression at the Basel art fair in Switzerland (Jun 13-16)

For the second consecutive year, Sanlorenzo returns to Basel, Switzerland for the the 2019 Art Basel show, the world’s leading art fair for modern and contemporary art to be held on June 13-16.

In the name of a unique elegance and refinement that distinguished the yard since its beginnings, Sanlorenzo brings to Art Basel its own story and philosophy, once again entrusting the design of its own space in the Collectors Lounge to Art Director Piero Lissoni, who has become the interpreter of the company’s values through his unmistakably minimalist style.

Sanlorenzo Returns To Art Basel With Piero Dorazio Homage

(Image: Sanlorenzo)

The connection of Sanlorenzo to the art world is narrated through the homage to Piero Dorazio, a major figure in the Italian abstract art world, in an installation that is refined and poetic in its essentiality- the perfect expression of sophisticated luxury that symbolises the brand.

The artwork “Blue Land II” (1992), displayed in the center of the lounge, has been chosen to pay homage to the “master of colour” Piero Dorazio. During the 1980s, he reinterpreted the formal theme of reticular intersections as a new pictorial investigation tied to the perception of space through the sensations of color/light and form/composition. Its great energy seems to conquer the depths of space through a thick web of intersections.

Accompanying the visitor toward the artwork, scale models of Sanlorenzo’s yacht and superyachts are displayed in glass showcases like works of art, representing that unique marriage of experience, artisanship and innovation which forms the basis of each new Sanlorenzo creation.

Sanlorenzo and Art Basel began this partnership in 2018 with signing the agreement for the annual collaborations at the fair’s Hong Kong, Basel and Miami Beach editions. This reconfirms Sanlorenzo’s ability, as a representative of nautical excellence, to tell its story in a new way each time, blending with new worlds and creative languages.