BY APB Staff on 22 Dec 2023

La La Land has an unconventional six-deck layout over its 499GT volume.

La La Land Sanlorenzo

Sanlorenzo has presented its new superyacht range, 44X-SPACE, which blends the legacy of the Explorer and Steel lines.

La La Land, described as the epitome of ambition and customisation within the new 44X-SPACE range, was delivered in July 2023, and Sanlorenzo has now released full imagery of the vessel. 

The design is substantive and simultaneously light: everything that is not a structure becomes a transparent surface, breaking down all boundaries between indoor and outdoor.

Studio Zuccon International Project oversaw a unit in which luminosity involves the entire vessel: large windows, wisely positioned, offer glimpses of the surrounding environment in dialogue with the sea. The interiors, designed by Piero Lissoni, embrace the interplay between land and sea in a fluid and dynamic way.

La La Land Sanlorenzo

“On 44X-SPACE, the hand has been forced, and it has become an almost completely glass boat: there are large glass panes and large windows and some of the cabins no longer even have portholes but glass walls,” says Piero Lissoni, art director at Sanlorenzo.

“The interior has forced its hand on the exterior, and the exterior has been so elastic and so well designed that the interior almost fits in in a totally natural way. I believe this is the most innovative language I have seen to date on a superyacht, and it has made it possible to create a boat that is compact but with extraordinary proportions and the unique quality of Sanlorenzo.”

La La Land has an unconventional six-deck layout and a voluminous 499 GT. Sanlorenzo says the ultimate goal is the expression, in every feature, of the ‘perfect balance’ between the ‘courage to make innovative choices and the preservation of delicate, classic lines’.

La La Land Sanlorenzo

Access aboard La La Land is through the main deck, where a sea-facing swimming pool frames an open-air lounge, extendable through folding balconies. A characteristic feature of the model is the addition of an outdoor cockpit dedicated to a lounge area, protected and sheltered both at the top and at the sides, guaranteeing maximum privacy for the owner and their guests. The continuity between outdoors and indoors is emphasized by the use of sliding doors that disappear into the structure to create a single open space.

Thanks to the asymmetrical aspect of the deck, the environment welcomes an initial living area with generous volumes. Continuing on the main deck, the real star of this yacht is the elegant helicoidal staircase designed by Piero Lissoni, a work of art that embellishes the interiors by linking the four decks into a single central body.

The bow space is dedicated to a multifunctional area with two different configurations, designed to meet the desires of a clientele that loves relaxation and conviviality: a dynamic environment that can be configured as a cinema or dining area capable of accommodating up to 12 guests around a convertible dining table. The great flexibility of this area crowns the customisation possibilities offered by 44X-SPACE: the owner is offered the possibility of arranging a sixth guest cabin here as an alternative. An unexpected layout enriched by a direct view of the water thanks to the large expanse of glass windows.

La La Land Sanlorenzo

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La La Land’s upper deck is exclusively devoted to the owner. A first outdoor area positioned at the stern with windbreaks at the sides makes it possible to enjoy outdoor spaces even during meals. The living area connects with the outside thanks to the presence of sliding doors that disappear into the structure. In addition, the possibility of opening the entire side window allows you to create a veranda in which to fully enjoy the fresh air.

The master cabin reflects the majesty of the entire design: full-height windows combine with a skylight that can be opened to let in the sea breeze even while sailing. The master cabin overlooks a foredeck totally dedicated to the owner with private access, with sunbed area and integrated swimming pool.

An innovative aspect of the 44X-SPACE is the relocation of the wheelhouse and the captain’s private spaces to the bridge deck. Although this is a more technical area, here too all the spaces have been designed to maximise livability for guests. La La Land, specifically, features an external area protected by windbreaks that accommodates the dining, galley and living area aft. A bronzed mirror reflects the colours and details of the surrounding nature, becoming a decorative element that broadens the horizon.

La La Land Sanlorenzo

The sun deck, situated atop the highest deck, functions as a luxurious terrace with a spacious living area, providing a 360-degree panorama of the sea. The lower deck accommodates four double cabins with en-suite bathrooms, two VIP cabins and 2 Guest cabins, pervaded by external light thanks to portholes defined by their large dimensions. All the spaces dedicated to the crew are also located on this deck: a meticulous study of the subdivision and layering of the superyacht’s internal structure allows the crew to move from stern to bow without ever interfering with the spaces dedicated to guests.

The beach area, extendable through side panels, houses the gym and spa area, offering direct access to the sea via an opening staircase. Materials in natural, neutral tones, in harmony with the seascape, are combined to create a unique result. A refined selection that gives the space elegance and comfort, but at the same time lightness and brightness: the oak parquet on the floor, together with the celino fabric, are  linked by the unusual use of resin applied to the walls.

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