BY APB Staff on 18 Dec 2020

Italian builder tops production list of yachts and superyachts over 24 metres in length

Sanlorenzo has laid claim to a ranking as the world’s leading single-brand shipyard in the production of yachts and superyachts over 24 metres in length, in a statement published by the brand’s Asia-wide representative Simpson Marine.

With 86 projects in 2020, equivalent to a total length of 3,089 metres, Sanlorenzo is once again at the top of the yachting sector, both in terms of number of boats and in terms of total length. For the last 15 years, the Italian yard has also recorded an increased average length of units produced year-on-year.

Sanlorenzo SL102 Asymmetric

These results have been achieved through both the growth of the brand’s yacht division, including the accompanying success of the new SX crossover line, and also the success of the superyacht division, which saw 23 models under construction in 2020 in the La Spezia shipyard.

The newest models include the 44Alloy 44.5-metre fast-displacement superyacht and the 61.5-metre, five-deck 62Steel.

Sanlorenzo Asia has recently also confirmed the success of the Sanlorenzo SL Asymmetric range in the region, with several yachts on order.  The result of the signature “half-wide-body” design is a yacht that is considerably larger both in the saloon by 110 square feet on the SL102 Asymmetric, and in the on-deck master suite forward.

Sanlorenzo SL102 Asymmetric interior

“It has been our ‘bestselling’ range of yachts this year with an additional surge of interest expected upon arrival of the new Asymmetric yachts in Asia in early 2021”, says Nick Stratton, Sanlorenzo Asia Sales Manager.


In 2020 Sanlorenzo Asia has received a record number orders for SL102A and SL96A due for delivery in Hong Kong and Singapore throughout 2021.

Sanlorenzo SL96 Asymmetric

The Asymmetric range keeps growing with the flagship SL120A expected to be unveiled shortly and presented as world premiere at the 2021 Cannes Yachting Festival.