BY APB Staff on 13 May 2019

New brand experience destination for the Italian luxury yachtmaker is launched at the Ikador Luxury Boutique Hotel & Spa

Riva Brand Experience can now be enjoyed in the exclusive Riva Lounge and Privée at the Ikador Luxury Boutique Hotel & Spa in Opatija: a renowned Croatian seaside resort where kings, emperors and artists used to spend their holidays.

The Riva legend is encapsulated by the materials and wood that guests can can reach out and touch for themselves. For 177 years, they have been used to make the most famous yachts in the world, attracting a host of adoring stars and celebrities. 

Riva Lounge And Prive Opens In Opatija Croatia 2
(Photo: Riva Yacht)

The stunning landscape and crystal-clear water mean that Opatija is still hugely popular with the international jet set today. The new Riva Lounge in the enchanting town embodies the very essence of the Sarnico shipyard. The highly refined setting is the perfect place to relax or sip a drink as you admire the breathtaking views. Steeped in the graceful, timeless Riva style, it offers hotel guests a truly unique experience. 

The interior design in the Riva Lounge at the Ikador Luxury Boutique Hotel & Spa is redolent of quintessential 1950s Dolce Vita style. Inimitable details such as stainless steel trims and lacquered wood instantly call to mind the iconic yachts of a golden, unforgettable age. All of the items of furniture, such as the Aquarama tables and chairs, are part of the prestigious Riva Brand Experience collection.

Riva Lounge And Prive Opens In Opatija Croatia 1
(Photo: Riva Yacht)

Guests will find the same style and luxurious atmosphere in the Riva Privée: a private area customized with Riva design in the Nobilion Restaurant at the Ikador Luxury Boutique Hotel & Spa. Guests can dine or have informal meetings in the welcoming, secluded location, which fully immerses you in the Riva experience.

In addition to the Lounge and the Privée, the Ikador Hotel has decided to use a magnificent Aquariva Super to provide its guests with an exclusive speedboat service. There is room for up to six people in the vessel, which is ideal for exploring the beautiful coastline and hidden islands in the Kvarner Gulf in style.

The Riva Brand Experience project at the Ikador Hotel comprehensively epitomizes the Riva Lounge, Privée and Deck concept that has been given concrete form worldwide, in exclusive locations such as Venice, Monte Carlo, Formentera, Mykonos and Palm Beach. The spellbinding settings are instantly recognizable because they are imbued with the sophistication for which Riva design and heritage have always been renowned.