BY APB Staff on 30 Aug 2016

The Sunseeker 95 yacht makes the most of an exceptionally engineered hull.

JUST FOUR AND A HALF TURNS of the wheel wind this 85-tonne leviathan from full lock to full lock but impressive though that is, the reaction to that equal and opposite action is even more spectacular. The Sunseeker 95 Yacht puts its shoulder down and cranks hard into the turn like a sportsboat – whipping through a 180-degree course change in a little over two boat lengths. It’s remarkable to witness – a joyous improbability on a par with watching an octogenarian break-dance.

Raring To Go 1

But should you care? You’re unlikely to ever to touch the helm of your nearly 100-foot yacht (that’s the Captain’s job), much less twirl it from lock to lock like a slaloming superbike. I’d argue that yes, you should care. Because while in reality this level of agility might be of only academic interest, the fact remains that it points to an exceptionally well-engineered hull.

Raring To Go 2

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