BY APB Staff on 8 Dec 2022

Hong Kong-headquartered Asia Yachting distributor gets positive response to its mini boat show in Phuket this week

Asia Yachting just held a successful Prestige Open Day in Boat Lagoon Marina in Phuket, Thailand. The mini boat show focused on a brand-new Prestige 420 and a sleek Prestige 590. It was the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic that Asia Yachting had hosted a boat show outside of Hong Kong.

Prestige 420 - Phuket, Asia Yachting 2 - Dec 2022

The 2022 Prestige 420 flybridge in Boat Lagoon Marina, Phuket

The brand new 2022 F-line Prestige 420 got a lot of attention from visitors based in Phuket, and further afield in Thailand, who were looking to enjoy island-hopping cruising in and around Phuket. The easy-to-operate 42-footer (12.8m) 420 comes with two cabins which would well suit a couple or family for a weekend getaway.

Prestige 590 Phuket Dec 2022

The roomy Prestige 590

The Prestige 590 attracted more interest from families who were looking for more volume. Its 18.6m overall length (61ft) houses three cabins which comfortably accommodates people on board, making it good for a weekend getaway trip, as well as for social gatherings.

The Prestige boat show in Phuket, held by Asia Yachting, was well received

The Prestige boat show in Phuket, held by Asia Yachting, was well received

“It’s been years since our last boat show outside of Hong Kong, due to the pandemic,” said founder and CEO of Asia Yachting, Olivier Besson. “It was great to see our clients and yacht lovers in Thailand again. We are very happy that the show was a great success, and we look forwards to holding more boat shows outside of Hong Kong in the near future.”

With regional border restrictions more relaxed at the time of publication, Besson added that Asia Yachting is looking to host more boat shows in Southeast Asia in the coming year.