BY APB Staff on 11 Jan 2016

With its Dual Mode hull, the Azimut Magellano 66 will make you think differently.

CANNES, SOUTH OF FRANCE – Doing the math quickly, with a nautical chart in front of us, we could reach Gibraltar non-stop. Just head southwest, leave behind the posh French Riviera, dodge the Balearic Islands and we’ll see the Atlantic Ocean right in front of us. The Azimut Magellano is a boat that makes you think differently. You see her, you board her and immediately you understand that she was born to take you far away: slowly, but far away. Is that a ship? A trawler? A planing hull? Not exactly. 

One Boat Two Souls 1

Board the Magellano 66  for a sea trial and you’ll understand that she can afford being mistreated by pushing her throttles forward: 23.7 knots maximum speed and planing trim. A trick? A cheat? No, simply the result of an idea called ‘dual mode hull’. The Magellano 66 represents the latest step in the evolution of this concept, born back in 2009 with the Magellano 76. But let’s proceed step by step.

One Boat Two Souls 2

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