BY APB Staff on 31 Jul 2019

The 9.75m limousine tender is custom made for Golden Yacht's flagship and reaches 42 knots

Onda Tenders, a leading Greek shipyard specialising in fast luxurious motor yachts, is delighted to reveal full details about one of its most advanced and complicated projects. The Onda 321L limo tender has been manufactured and supplied for the 85-metre O’Ptasia megayacht, Golden Yachts’ flagship.

Onda 321l Created For Golden Yachts Optasia 30

The new tender emanates luxury and exclusivity, while being cozy, functional and comfortable at the same time. The Onda 321L looks equally appealing and at home in the glitzy Cote d’Azur, or taking guests from the mothership to a secluded uninhabited island in the Cyclades in style, sipping chilled champagne while being completely covered from the wind.

The new 9.75-metre 321L encompasses all the key qualities that perfectly represent Onda’s philosophy. It combines engineering expertise and extraordinary seaworthiness with state-of-the-art composite hull construction and excellent artisanship. The award-winning Scandinavian-based Mannerfelt Design Team, long-term partners of the Greek shipyard, penned the yacht’s main layout. The exterior look is sophisticated and refined. This particular, well-balanced appearance combined with practicality and a very smooth ride is something that dynamic modern yacht owners really want.

Onda 321l Created For Golden Yachts Optasia 25
(Photo: Jeff Brown)

It reaches high cruising speeds of 42 knots, thanks to the innovative double step hull technology, without compromising a uniquely comfortable ride.

“The Onda 321L is an outstanding luxury service boat,” says George Riginos, CEO of Onda Tenders. “It has a special hull form that allows more space inside the cabin. Also, it starts planning at lower speeds, only from 10 knots, which is amazing. Therefore, the ride is much smoother and top speed is higher than usual for comparable tenders. It is as if a limousine was crossed with a Ferrari. The 321L is a very successful model. We have already launched one unit and two more are in build. They all are different in terms of the design but use the same proven platform.”

Onda 321l Created For Golden Yachts Optasia 3
(Photo: Onda Tenders)

The limousine tender’s layout consists of three zones. The helm is placed in the bow area for the best possible visibility, easy docking and complete control over the boat. There are stations for a skipper and a crew-member, while all the necessary equipment is concentrated at hand. The aft part of the yacht is a large open teak swim and boarding platform.

“The new Onda limousine tender combines practicality with elegance. For example, side foam fenders are bigger compared to other boats on the market and it ensures solid protection and easy docking. The double step hull gives a smooth ride and [is] easy to plane,” said Ted Mannerfelt, Design Director at Mannerfelt Design Team, a studio that realized over a hundred boat projects, including several collaborations with Onda Tenders, and won numerous world championship offshore racing titles. “We gave it a timeless modern classic look. The profile is well balanced in proportions and quite neutral, which means it would fit many different yachts from vintage to more innovative ones.”

Onda 321l Created For Golden Yachts Optasia 12
(Photo: Onda Tenders)

The middle section of the Onda 321L is a generous covered cockpit. The interior is minimalist yet superbly finished. Two handstitched leather couches are installed lengthwise and they are large enough to accommodate up to ten guests in absolute comfort. Only premium materials are used to guarantee the tender matches the mother yacht’s luxurious décor. The 321L’s palette is neutral beige and grey with some tranquil lights and dimmers that are under control via a central panel. In addition, there is a number of extra features inside to make sure a journey from the yacht to a favorite beach club or secluded bays is pure fun, such as a high-end entertainment system, an espresso machine and a compact champagne cooler.

Different deck configurations and interior furnishings can be provided to match the exact specifications provided and make the limo as distinctive as its mothership.

Onda 321l Created For Golden Yachts Optasia 26
(Photo: Jeff Brown)

Onda Tenders strives to produce fast, reliable and seaworthy boats. Like all other models from the shipyard, the Onda 321L has a two-step, deep-V hull and a lightweight rigid construction. The company only sources high-end materials exclusively from the EU and the US to achieve an exceptional composite construction.

O’Ptasia’s tender is equipped with a pair 220 HP Volvo Penta D3 engines that propel the boat to a top speed of 42 knots. The craft offers a very soft ride at a high cruising speed, even when powered by the minimum horsepower engine option. Other configurations are available for future units, including the most powerful combination of two 270 HP engines.