BY APB Staff on 22 May 2019

The official initiative promotes the region as a new and original cruising destination and pathway

With Amsterdam successfully profiled as a destination for superyachts over the past year, HISWA Holland Yachting Group and the Port of Amsterdam are now working on a dedicated Northern European Superyacht Route for owners looking to move on from the traditional cruising areas. The city of Hamburg has just signed up to this new initiative and more harbour cities are expected to join the movement for change soon.

Superyacht owners are increasingly looking for something new and original beside the traditional Mediterranean and Caribbean sailing areas. High latitudes are becoming ever more attractive and Northern Europe, with its superb nature, convivial culture and avant-garde art & design, has been reaping the rewards.

Northern European Route Launched As Destination For Superyacht Owners
(Photo: Feadship Najiba / Tom van Oossanen)

Perfectly placed
“Amsterdam is already perfectly placed in terms of geography and as has the refit facilities to benefit from this sea change in attitudes,” explains HISWA Holland Yachting Group Export Director Jeroen Sirag. “The Netherlands is a global leader in the superyacht industry, responsible for a third of all new builds over 30 metres and therefore recognised as the home of premium quality. With the opening of the new Feadship yard in Amsterdam and a range of other superyacht companies adding facilities in the port area, this city is also increasing in popularity as a destination for refits and maintenance.”

“It is clear that owners love to stay in Amsterdam,” adds Alma Prins, Commercial Manager Superyachts at Port of Amsterdam. “To meet their needs, Port of Amsterdam has opened up various dedicated sites for superyachts to berth in the heart of the city centre. Fifteen owners and captains have already visited Amsterdam over the past year and enjoyed this great experience.”

Welcome aboard Hamburg
Amsterdam is also an obvious stop-off for superyachts heading to the increasingly fashionable cruising destinations in Scandinavia, the Baltic, the fjords and the Arctic region. This new pathway is now being given a more formal status under the Northern European Superyacht Route concept, which has just been joined by the German port of Hamburg.

“Hamburg is proud to be part of the new superyacht Northern European Route together with HISWA Holland Yachting Group and Port of Amsterdam,” comments Sacha Rougier, Managing Director of Cruise Gate Hamburg. “The Northern European Route has so many exciting places and diverse attractions and we believe that Hamburg– as Germany´s most exciting waterfront city – is the ideal port of call for superyachts. Hamburg’s landscape is defined by water: its seaport, located on the river Elbe, is the third largest in Europe. Hamburg is the ultimate liveable city offering maritime history, a strong mercantile tradition, cultural wealth and a wide range of shopping opportunities.”

Next steps
“There is a clear trend among superyacht owners who are looking for new and adventurous paths while at the same time being critically aware of the contributions they can make to a more sustainable world,” adds Jeroen Sirag. “With this in mind we are currently in talks with local authorities in Norway and the various fjord regions to explore ways of including them in this new Northern European Route. The ultimate goal is to collectively work together with cities like London, Copenhagen and Stockholm next to Hamburg and Norway to enhance the route and its facilities for superyachts, while also supporting each other financially on promoting this exciting new venture”