BY APB Staff on 10 Jun 2021

Lavish 24m sailing catamaran will be city’s largest charter cat, operating as a private member’s club on the weekends with public charter available during weekdays

Vibe beach clubHong Kong’s charterers are welcoming their second piece of exciting news. Just one week after it was announced a former Star Ferry will soon be available for charters in the city, Vibe Beach Club has revealed its lavish sailing catamaran has joined the charter market, and will be available from July.

At 24 metres and with a capacity of 50 people, Vibe will be the largest charter catamaran in the city. She is set to operate as a member’s club during the weekends and holidays, and will be also available for public chartering during weekdays. Membership comes in several pricing tiers, including VIP, corporate/family and individual. 

Vibe in Hong Kong

An individual membership is valid for two years, while a VIP membership is valid for three years. The VIP membership at Vibe Beach Club includes three private charter outings, as well as discounts off additional private charters.

Her open and single deck layouts feature sun beds and plush cabanas that seat groups of four. There is an onboard bar and DJ booth, making Vibe likely to become a popular venue for corporate events, parties and other celebrations.

seats on vibe beach clubServices available include catering, watersports (including a dedicated wakesurf craft), inflatables and paddleboards, live entertainment, shisha and massage. 

During summer, she will sail between the business district of Central and the pristine beaches and hidden coves of Sai Kung, while the winter months will introduce a route between Central and South Island. Bespoke itineraries will also be available during the weekdays. 

cabanasFor yacht owners or guests wishing to simply hop on and off the catamaran for canapes, drinks or a massage, a luxury water Galeon 325 GTO water taxi will be on hand to shuttle guests and members between nearby destinations or their own vessel.

Before arriving in Hong Kong, Vibe Beach Club was based in Phuket and positioned as a day-trip vessel for tourists. The yacht has undergone a total exterior and interior refit to fit in with the new, elevated member’s club concept.