BY APB STAFF on 2 Feb 2022

Builder confirms its Cattolica shipyard is back up and running, three weeks after construction shed blaze destroyed a yacht worth €10 million

Ferretti Yachts 780Italy’s Ferretti Yachts has launched its first hull of the year, three weeks after a blaze ripped through a construction shed and destroyed a yacht worth €10m.

Number 36 of the Ferretti Yachts 780 Club B, commissioned by a Maltese owner, launched from the Cattolica yard on Wednesday.

“Less than three weeks after the stoppage caused by a fire on board a yacht under construction, the shipyard is ready for the first launch of the year, confirming its return to full capacity in a feat of formidable effort and capability,” the builder says.

VIDEO: Fire takes hold at Ferretti’s Cattolica shipyard on January 11

Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi adds: “At Cattolica, speed and quality go hand in hand. It is fantastic to see the shipyard get back to full operational capacity in such a short time. I will never be able to adequately praise or thank all the people in the area and at Ferretti Yachts who have worked tirelessly to get us back to doing what we are famous for around the world: building and delivering dream yachts to our customers.

“Our thanks once again to the Municipal Administration and all the local authorities in this fantastic area. The launch of this Ferretti Yachts 780 Club B marks the return to our extraordinary normality.”

Ferretti Yachts Cattolica Shipyard_02.02.2022The new Ferretti Yachts 780 Club B is a collaboration between the Strategic Product Committee, the Ferretti Group Engineering Department, and Ideaeitalia for the interior design.

Ferretti also plans to launch a flagship FY1000 from the Cattolica yard within the next few days.

“The Cattolica Shipyard is more active and stronger than ever, ready to mark 2022 with many more magnificent projects,” adds Galassi.