BY APB STAFF on 13 Jan 2022

Excess 11 Bombarda won the recent transatlantic ARC 2021 rally in just under 19 days, and there are numerous arrivals throughout Asia for 2022

In the wake of its thrilling victory in the Multihulls Class B category of the ARC 2021 rally, the yachting community is keeping its eyes peeled for Groupe Beneteau’s Excess 11. A sturdy yet stylish catamaran, it offers significant benefits to prospective yacht owners in both a racing and cruising capacity.

Commencing on November 21 and coming to a close on December 16, the rally attracted over 140 yachts. Traversing a 2,700nm route from Las Palmas in the Spanish Canary Islands to St. Lucia in the Caribbean, competitors faced down persistent trade winds, which threw up daunting ocean swells and sizable waves.

Excess 11 BOMBARDA winning crew

The winning crew of Excess 11 Bombarda

In the midst of such cacophonic ocean conditions, Excess 11 Bombarda won the race, making it across the finishing line in style, completing the race in just under 19 days. The catamaran’s state-of-the-art technical design is likely to have aided its victory; its sporty rig vastly increases the yacht’s aspect ratio, and it has a high sail area/displacement ratio.

Moreover, Dyneema steering cables and titanium aluminium-style railings and cleats make manoeuvring less of a headache for racers, and accentuate the response of the helm feel. Alongside the catamaran’s twin-aft helm station and sleek superstructure, these elements collectively combine to create a reliable yacht in competition.

Photo: Nicolas Claris

In addition to its racing capabilities, the catamaran is also optimised for relaxed cruising; this synthesis of comfort and performance is what won it several recent industry awards.

Photo: Nicolas Claris

A relaxed interior greets passengers when they step aboard. The model’s simple yet elegant woodwork is livened by a carefully-constructed lighting system. Prospective owners can also choose one of three design configurations. A sliding sunroof also provides passengers with added options, as this provides different onboard experiences.

With 2022 arrivals in Tahiti, Sydney, Hainan, Auckland, and Yokohama, the Excess 11 is a versatile option that looks set to flourish in the Asia-Pacific region in the years to come.