BY APB STAFF on 21 Dec 2021

South Korea's Badaro Yacht and Motorium, based in Phuket, both join the growing ePropulsion network

China’s ePropulsion, the country’s leading producer of electric outboard engines and services, has appointed two new distributors in Asia.

Badaro Yacht Co, based in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, and Motorium, based in Phuket, Thailand will both distribute ePropulsion products and services.

Having reached 150% growth globally in sales revenue and sold over 12,000 units this year, ePropulsion is riding the wave of customers looking for eco-friendly solutions to traditional outboards. In November, the company announced that it has secured hundreds of millions of RMB in B+ Series funding, equating to tens of millions of US dollars.

Badaro started in the maritime logistics industry in 1979. Director Joseph You says, “We are delighted to have been appointed as one of ePropulsion’s new distributors. It’s an impressive brand and ePropulsion’s products offer innovative technologies and advanced technological developments that really set it apart. In Korea, electric motors were mainly used for freshwater fishing but there has been a shift to coastal sea fishing in recent years with more customers looking for electric motors that offer a more sustainable alternative to traditional petrol outboard motors. We are looking forward to growing the market and developing our customer network, as well as ensuring we offer first-class customer service across the region.”

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Motorium was set up in 2020 by a team of specialists with 15 years of experience in the marine outboards industry. For the past eight years they have been working in Thailand. The company says it sees huge market potential in the region for ePropulsion, with customers increasingly looking for more efficient and quality electric motors.

Bernard Wong, sales director at Motorium says: “We are excited to be part of the global movement towards more economical and sustainable products within the marine industry. General boat owners and users in Thailand are becoming more aware about the benefits of using electric motors versus combustion engines, and there is growing demand for electric motors from private users and within government projects.

“More customers are interested in using environmentally friendly equipment and products and moving forward, we expect to see more enquiries on electric outboard motors from new boat owners and existing combustion engine owners that wish to convert.”

Founded and incubated at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2012, ePropulsion has grown rapidly from when it launched its first product in 2014. Having a distribution network across just three countries in 2015, it now operates in over 60 countries and areas to date.

ePropulsion’s continued success is paving the way for more sustainable boating and a growing number of conscientious boat owners converting from petrol to electric propulsion outboards. Electric propulsion outboards are not only better for the environment, but they are also easier to use, with no starter cord, fuel tap or choke. Furthermore, the products benefit from the full power running time of a 3HP electric outboard being generally the same as, or longer than, a petrol outboard.

Danny Tao, co-founder and CEO of ePropulsion, says: “We are delighted to be expanding our distributor network across Asia during a very exciting time for ePropulsion and the marine leisure industry as a whole, with interest and uptake in electric outboard motors increasing globally. We can only see this trend continuing, and we expect to see more and more boat owners converting to electric outboards. Customers are often surprised at how efficient, simple and clean electric outboard motors are, compared to petrol, whilst still achieving the same results in terms of performance. We are excited to see what 2022 holds for the Asian market and we will continue to innovate and provide a sustainable boating experience for our customers.”