BY APB Staff on 18 May 2021

With the Prestige range expanding, the regional dealer took the opportunity to showcase a fleet of five models against the backdrop of Hong Kong's skyline

Hong Kong-based Asia Yachting, the regional dealership for Prestige Yachts, has sold some of the largest yachts in the Prestige range into the SAR in recent months, and has recently secured orders for seven new stock models in response to the ongoing yachting boom in Hong Kong.

Dealers throughout Hong Kong have reported excellent yacht sales during the second half of 2020 and the early months of 2021, as buyers sought refuge from Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

Prestige yachts

Prestige 420, 460, 520, 590 and 630 on display in Hong Kong

The new flagship Prestige X70, Prestige 680, Prestige 630, Prestige 590, Prestige 520, Prestige 460, and Prestige 420 models are all now available for quick delivery into the SAR.

With the Prestige range expanding and now comprising the full range from Prestige 420 to Prestige 630, Asia Yachting took the opportunity to showcase a five-strong Prestige fleet against the backdrop of Hong Kong’s skyline and outlying islands. The display featured a Prestige 420, 460, 520, 590 and 630.

Watch a video of the showcase below:

Last month, Asia Yachting founder Olivier Besson told Asia-Pacific Boating he plans to open an office in Singapore, and had been actively exploring an office in Indonesia pre-lockdown.