BY APB Staff on 3 Sep 2021

For decades, Taiwan has held an outsized place in the world of yacht building. Can the island finally become a boating destination and market for its own yachts? Also inside: Exclusive interview with Tresno Seery of Silolona Sojourns; an insight into the magic of mangroves; a trip to a turtle-hatchling paradise in the Solomon Islands; the launch of our brand new Blue Planet section, with a renewed focus on ocean conservation; and much more!


One year ago, we relaunched Asia-Pacific Boating, in print and online, with a renewed focus on ocean conservation. Our website now features a new section we call Blue Planet. The aims are twofold: reporting on the state of ocean wildlife, conservation and the boating technology that is making yachting a cleaner passion; and helping to connect the Asian yachting community with the world of ocean conservation. Our view is that the best way to become passionate about protecting the ocean is to experience it and revel in its wonders.

My own conversion came several years ago when I had the opportunity to jump off a yacht in Fijian waters and found myself swimming amid a large group of manta rays that had come to feed in the plankton-rich seas of that area. I watched as the rays majestically swam past with an eye on me, and I wondered what they were thinking about as they observed the awkward human floating in their midst. I didn’t want to get out of the water.

Since then, I could not ignore the immense challenges facing the oceans thanks to our activity. Nor, I think, could anyone who has had the chance to swim with whales, dive around coral reefs or paddle through mangroves. We are just now beginning to grasp the enormity of the ocean’s role in regulating the atmosphere, reducing carbon emissions, providing food, and enabling us to live on Earth.

We started with a Blue Planet section online, and I’m pleased to say that we are now extending this to our print edition with a new Blue Planet section in this issue. The section will have features, facts and photos to encourage our readers to use their yachts to explore, understand and appreciate our seas and oceans. The ocean needs advocates for its protection, and what better advocates are there than yacht owners? I hope you enjoy this new part of Asia-Pacific Boating.

We packed a lot into this issue. Our main features include an overview of the Taiwan yacht industry and market. We have a fantastic interview with the American owner of Northern Sun, one of Asia’s best-known conversion yachts. We also hear in this issue from Tresno Seery, son of the legendary Patti Seery.

When we relaunched Asia-Pacific Boating last year, Covid-19 infections were rising, and lockdowns appeared to have no end in sight. Thankfully, the growing pace of vaccinations has blunted the spread of the disease in many countries. But we are not out of the woods yet, as Southeast Asia continues to confront a wave of infections. With a little luck, infections will continue to come under control, and the incredible destinations of the Asia-Pacific will completely open once again.