BY APB STAFF on 3 Mar 2022

In our latest issue, we meet two of the Netherlands' leading naval architects, Perry van Oossanen and Frank Laupman, and hear their thoughts on the future of yacht design. Also inside: We explore the world's most luxurious conversion vessels; discover Jebsen Group's collection of historical marine art; dive in for an unforgettable experience with humpback whales in Tonga; meet the scientists decoding dolphin communication; and reveal all you need to know about chartering in Indonesia.


It is spring in the northern hemisphere, and at Asia-Pacific Boating that means our naval architecture-focus issue is here.

In our special feature on developments in this area in the field of private yachts, we focus on two of the clutch of today’s Dutch masters. Holland’s naval architects have established a reputation for pioneering, progressive and efficient concepts that see them collaborate with shipyards in Europe. We hear from Perry van Oossanen and Frank Laupman – two of the best – who share their thoughts on where their craft and the available technology is at right now.

Dutch masters of naval architecture

Perry van Oossanen

Staying on this theme in our Comment section, Bluegame founder Luca Santella reflects on naval architecture from a luxury boatbuilder’s perspective. Other experts and veterans in the regional boating world serve up their points of view on a varied mix of regional and worldly yachting issues.

Naval architecture plays a part in all pleasure boat designs. In this issue’s selection of Spotlight features, it is the largest megayacht we feature, the Italy-built Tankoa Olokun, which appears best suited for long-range cruising or exploring.

Tankoa Olokun

Also in the design sphere, we look at the incredible art of converting commercial and even military vessels into striking one-off private yachts.

The art of conversion: Luxury conversion vessels are attracting a new audience

Icon Yachts’ Ragnar is a former offshore supply vessel

Talking of art, we learn about the historic paintings and artefacts that are part of the Jebsen Group collection. Hans Michael Jebsen, third-generation chairman of the Hong Kong-based conglomerate, spoke with Asia-Pacific Boating about this fascinating collection, while shedding light on his family’s seafaring history and connection to Hong Kong.

Brushstrokes of history

Inside the Jebsen Group collection

In our Blue Planet section, we dive deep into the world of sea mammals: from one Australian underwater photographer’s mission to responsibly share the experience of swimming with humpback whales in Tonga, to scientific attempts to decode communication among dolphins. We hope that you enjoy pondering these natural phenomena.

Swimming with giants in Tonga

While we hope that the region resumes travel norms sooner rather than later, you can enjoy our destination feature on what Indonesia currently has to offer to those looking to charter an escape aboard a yacht there. Perhaps a bit of post-Covid planning will boost your spirits!

Chartering in Indonesia

And remember to put a spring in your step and keep visiting our homepage regularly for the latest in yachting news.