BY APB Staff on 10 Dec 2020

Leading in-water show will now be held in Feb 2021

The annual Thailand Yacht Show has revealed new dates for its sixth edition. The annual show, which was slated to take place from January 10-13, 2021, at Royal Phuket Marina, will now take place from February 11-14.

Andy Treadwell, CEO of show organiser Verventia commented: “Although we are impacted by the global pandemic and have been obliged to postpone our original dates, Covid-19 has been a major issue in the Thai government, announcing an interest in developing ‘quality tourism’ to boost the economy.

“As Thailand’s tourism business is now at a standstill, and Phuket’s economy at its lowest ebb, I believe the Thai government is right to support the Show’s main objective, which is to make Phuket the principal international hub for yachting tourism in Southeast Asia.”

Organised by Verventia and in partnership with the Thai government, the Thailand Yacht Show is regarded as one of the leading maritime events in Southeast Asia, and typically welcomes guests from around the APAC region and Europe. It is the country’s largest in-water boating event.

With bumper crowds and a packed entertainment schedule, the 2020 edition of the Thailand Yacht Show welcomed 4,956 visitors over four days, as well as 90 international brands and a dozen regional and worldwide yacht premieres.

It is not currently known how exactly ongoing Covid-related travel restrictions will impact the show and its exhibitors. Earlier this year, the show announced that it will offer a tented village along the Boardwalk and in the Town Square, allowing smaller companies to still “go big” with cost-effective canopy tents.

Earlier this week, Thailand revealed a cabinet-approved expansion of its special, long-term tourism visa programme, which allows visitors to stay for up to nine months. The Special Tourism Visa (STV) will now also welcome those from all countries, rather than only those deemed at “low risk” of Covid-19.

The visa applies to foreign guests and crews of superyachts, and allows quarantine to be completed onboard a yacht.